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Old XP Client

SlytherzSlytherz Member Posts: 45
Hey guys!

Sorry to bother you again, if you recall I was the silly noob whom needed some internal switch 'flipped' in order for me to update, play BG EE and EE 2.

Well for all its worth, I am back again hoping someone can point me in the direction of a solution. I am currently, (until likely November or December) stuck with XP on my PC. Boo. I think this issue is far less ime consuming, or I hope.

As you are aware, the new beamdog client does not support my ancient technology! Is there a link to the older client by any chance? I can't seem to grasp a direct download for both games from the beamdog website, keeps redirecting me to the launcher. Hope I didn't screw myself over today when I dcided to reformat for stability and performance increase. (Fingers crossed.)

I just started a fresh campaign this afternoon too, first time experiencing mods in BG. Legit so fa.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Just hand over your, ward (solution) and no one shall get hurt! :smile:



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