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Something Candarian Said...

I was going through the dialogue options Candarian has and when you are asking him about the Planes he says he is not well enough to receive the restorative benefits of the Upper Planes. Is this to imply that he is evil, or is he neutral and neutral characters cannot receive benefits. Not really a gameplay thing, but it's just the wording is weird.



  • dustbubsydustbubsy Member Posts: 246
    In the game files, he is Chaotic Good, and he behaves this way in-game too. I have forgotten the wording of what was said, but is it possible he is referring to not being well enough to travel to the Upper Planes? I would imagine Planar travel takes a lot out of you physically, moreso if you have been somewhere like the Negative Energy Plane.

    Also, the Upper Planes are not without their dangers. I remember hearing about one plane where you have to make a save if you want to leave, as being there is so blissful. This may be an explanation, he's afraid of dangers in the plane itself.

    Otherwise, it could just be a "hand-wave" explanation for why he is found in a dingy Sigil bar instead of healing himself in the Upper Planes.

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