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Hareishan! I swear your end will be the end of this!

You may be of the somewhat misguided impression that Web spells, items of freedom or perhaps even Fireballs would be appropriate approaches for dealing with that mage Hareishan, and her cohort of bandits in the Cloakwood Mines level 2.

If you indeed suffer from such misconceptions, try this instead, and marvel at the sight:
Deck up your favourite mage with high resistance to sharp flying things.
Spring forth and throw a Stinking Cloud into the room. Pull back a bit such that your men at arms can deal with the first three guards, who probably will escape the toxic fumes.
Have your mage activate her Horn of Kazgaroth (though it hurts a bit..), and walk her into the fumes. Now, if this mage of yours happens to be a Fighter/Mage, she could now start raining beats unto the sleeping henchmen. That would, however, be boring! Your mage is of course a pure class mage, and thus instead you pull forth a Potion of Dragon Breath and direct its hot stream of energetic material straight into the face of Hareishan. She will (most likely) die within two rounds. While you're at it, walk around a bit and hurt some guards as well. I managed to kill 4 guards this way. I had high hopes that Boots of Speed could make this excursion even more effective, but alas, with the boots of speed my caster walks so fast that the flames doesn't hit the guards properly. When finished acting heroiclt, walk out of the room, wait a bit, and let the rest of your team clear out the remaining pockets of resistance.

Other things to try:
Make one party member immune to lightning, and have her go forth alone, and step on the last trap in the entrance hallway. The resulting Bolt of Lighting will more often than not turn right in to the room and cause great mayhem.
While you are at it, being decked out in high Lightning resistance, continue into the room and enjoy the moment Hareishan sets of her own Bolt of Lighting. Obviously you will have positioned yourself such that it will not disappear back into the hallway from which you came, but rather ricochet around inside the room for great fun.
If you stand close enough to a caster who casts a Lightning Bolt, it will have a tendency to turn straight back into his face, which has a significant impact on the estimated life span of said caster.

PS. the 'Senses of the Cat' boots RUINS game play, as they make arrow threats mostly harmless. Boring. I sold them for 1 gold, and bought a beer instead. Although I had to pay half of the beer out of my own pocket :/



  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 156
    We entered into the room and were noi that prepared - the lightning bolt effect was cruel - with the rebound on the wall Minsc received 35 HP damage and then 36 HP damage. He simply disappeared (I play on Core rules)...

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    That's always a sore spot in my solos, I usually abuse the One Gift Lost to soften the mage up. The goons I can usually deal with okay, but the mage needs to be interrupted with the fireball (or killed by it, unlikely), then usually pelted with ranged damage or bumrushed to death.

    One Gift Lost really is the one item I should stop using on solos, it'd add so much more challenge!

  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 156
    On playing SCS Tactical, Hareishan was able to detect my thief even if she was wearing the Cloak of non-detection. How did she manage to do it ?
    Thanks !

  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 156
    P.S. : she = my thief not Hareishan ....

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,102
    Enemies (including SCS Hareishan) are often scripted to be aware that someone invisible is nearby, and to use spells like Detect Invisibility. The cloak of non-detection would protect you from that spell.

    If she targeted you with anything ... you weren't invisible. The partially transparent appearance isn't always the most reliable indicator.

    My approach last time through? Three fireballs at once. Two from necklaces, one from a wand.
    Wiped out. No problems from that room.

  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 156
    @jmerry Thanks a lot. Perhaps I was not invisible after all.
    Out of curiosity, what is your PC ? A halfling ? I love and almost play just halflings ....

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,102
    Female halfling fighter/thief. Specialized in dagger, scimitar, and dual-wielding at BG1 levels. Wears heavy armor, takes it off when she needs to work a trap or lock.

    I'm currently posting the playthrough over in the forum for that, and coming up on the end of BG1. Also playing it, currently in BG2 chapter 6. These pictures went up in part 7, so I just had to copy the code rather than uploading anything.

  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 156
    I will read your playthrough with great pleasure. I will try to post as well my current playthroughs:
    - Portia Nimblefingers Vanilla thief
    - Rose Bramble Vanilla fighter
    - Myrtle Leafshadow Priest of Lathander

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