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Funny bugs thread

As the title says :smiley:
Because not all bugs are frustrating or game-stopping. So please share any stories about bugs (all games welcome) that brought a smile to your face.

This post was inspired by Neera's recent demise in my game. Usually charname fails to save her, due to her tendency to melee armed proffesionals, but this time the party got lucky (or not?) and managed to save the wannabe berserker. Charname was hesitant, having heard such terrible things about wild mage, but then decided to risk it. You only live as many times, as you can reload, anyway. But then...

Nothing happened. The party travelled up and down the sword coast, fighting kobolds, hobgoblins, bears and xvarts (so many xvarts) and Neera kept casting spells without any problems. Perhaps this will change once she has gained a few levels? -
wondered charname. But several basilisks and sirines later, Neera still wasn't showing any signs of a wild surge. Ah well, nothing suspicious there, thought charname, for whom wisdom was a dump stat.

Until the iron throne mines. Truth to be told, the party was getting bored by then. Having overdone it on the sirines and basilisks, they now had to suffer the consequences of being too high level for this quest. Charname stood there daydreaming about the city shopping spree she could do soon, Shar-Teel hacked and slashed, and Neera discussed the merits of whacking males with blunt instruments with Viconia. Finally the party arrived at Daveorn's door.

Let us proceed carefully now! - said charname, in a rare and out-of-character show of wisdom. Neera and Viconia started casting spells to buff the party and then... the dreaded wild surge! Eh, this is actually funny - giggled charname, looking at a polymorhped Viconia. Anyway, nothing to worry about, a wild surge is like 5%, right? Except the next spell surged too. And the the next one. It's like a dam broke and all the missed wild surges were pouring in. Oookay, maybe we should retreat until you get better... - hesitated charname, but in this exact moment Daveorn, who recently got an upgrade courtesy of SCS, decided to check what all this noise is.

Half an hour and several barely legal applications of invisibility later, both mages were a smear on the floor. One finished off with a wand of fire, and the other due to the consequnces of a wild surge - as explained by the now un-polymorphed Viconia, who was cleaning her hammer with satisfaction.

Ah well, at least she could go shopping now, thought charname.

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