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XP tables for level 50+

BehemotBehemot Member Posts: 19
So anyway, are there some tables which go over level 50? Playing LoB with that double XP setting and Anomen is already hitting level 50 barrier. I've tried to modify some tables but so far it does not work.

I've changed xplevel.2da so it goes like this since level 50 to 61 for cleric:

9450000 9675000 9900000 10125000 10350000 10575000 10800000 11025000 11025000 11250000 11475000 -1

All the other classes were also moddified though none of them will ever get so high even in ToB.

Now according to hpclass.2da I found cleric first (HPPRS), than I also tried to expand FIGHTER_CLERIC (HPFC) though I *think* this is for multiclass which Anomen is not (Dual Class). Here is hpprs.2da starting at lvl 50:

50 8 1 2
51 8 0 2
52 8 0 2
53 8 0 2
54 8 0 2
55 8 0 2
56 8 0 2
57 8 0 2
58 8 0 2
59 8 0 2
60 8 1 2

So is there anything else I have to change? I got him with 13 level drained after battling Bodhi vampires, when I sleep and cast Restoration, I can get one level as he got lots of XP slaying Bodhi. That would be from 50 to 51. Than it gets screwed, when I try to level up, he gets new weapon proficiency, but the "NEXT LEVEL:" value does not change and I can level up till the end of the time, always getting one weapon slot. But his spells are disabled since.


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