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Welp! Viconia's Romance is stuck...

inkblowoutinkblowout Member Posts: 46
So I'm awaiting for the final piece of dialogue for viccy's romance to happen and I've noticed for quite a while that she wasn't triggering this dialogue. I got the dialogue before going to amuantor's temple in Umar Hills and until now. (Just finished the umar hill quest and going to kill some liches) I never got this romance dialogue which "seals the fate of CHARNAME and Viccy." and I really want to wrap it up before going to ToB.

But to get it out of the way I have 2 (aka 3) small mods installed.
- BG2 NPC Tweak mod
1. Happy Patch mod
2. Fixed Boo's Squeak
- Banter Accelerator for Shadows of Amn

I have uninstalled Happy patch mod and didn't get it to work. I forced the CULAConsole to force real time but nothing... I even checked and the romance was ok (The value was set at 2 for the ViconiaRomanceActive command)

And even so I noticed she stopped complaining (even tho I allowed characters to complain when they are unhappy with my rep but they cannot leave.) I feel like not just the romance is broken but Viccy's dialogue isn't happening for some reason. It just sucks because I want the romance to advance and the possibility that the romance and or viccy could be broken when I go through ToB....

UPDATE: I have used the GetGlobal("LoveTalk","LOCAL") command to see what my romance was at...
At my current save I have my romance at 77... and at my save a little after my final romance I last listened too dialogue I got 75. Like what... I never recalled ever hearing the final bit of the romance... (And 76 is the romance finishing) but regardless if my romance LT is at a 77... am I good or did the game somehow corrupt? And once I left the dungeon the final piece of dialogue appeared. But the last time I left the dungeon was when I was facing the shade lord... So somehow it appears the game went ahead with the romance dialogue like ok....

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