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Happy 3rd Anniversary!

3 years since patch 1.3 was released to the Mac App Store, and still going strong!

For many, three years without a patch might be reason to moan, but in case of BGEE 1,3, I am not so sure. The game has very few issues, and while we lack the new Shaman class, the new UI seemed to get a mixed reaction, and there is still time to play with the Assassin as originally intended (before the poison nerf!). Of course, kits like the Assassin were never intended for BG in the first place, so we get the best of both worlds ;)

Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to the eventual patch and updated game features when they arrive (some time after the 2.4/2.5 patches planned for iOS), but we have a great, playable game in the meantime - so let's celebrate three years of not /needing/ a patch, and look forward to the next set of good things to come from BeamDog.



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