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[TOOL] HP As Resource, Kit Upgrade 1.0

yowaveyowave Member Posts: 67
edited September 11 in General Modding
You have permission to use this TOOL in your MODS if you follow the following:
  1. Give credit to
  2. Give links to the discussions about this tool, those are the links:
    1. Link to this post
This is a follow up for another game mechanic i introduced named "Resource Pool",
Check it out at:

With this tool you'll be able to upgrade your own KIT abilities so they'll use HP as a resource, to fuel their effects.
It goes without saying that planning your KIT with HP as a resource in mind, will make the KIT much more engaging and fun to play with.

This Method introduces a new game mechanic which fuels the KIT abilities,
whenever you use an ability it drains number of HP points from the user to fuel the ability.
Each ability in the ability bar will have a number, this number denotes how much HP will be drained when the ability is used.

Now go make some Vampires,Blood Mages,Psionics and what not!

  1. place the zip file in your KIT installation folder, where all the ".spl",".2da",".eff",etc.. files are.
  2. right click the zip file and select Extract Here. Then move the zip file to another location.
  3. Open settings.ini and fill in the information, it'll be best to open it with NOTEPAD++, because it'll highlight the ever important instructions.
  4. double click BG_HP_RESOURCE_TOOL_INSTALLER.exe
  5. When the installation will be DONE! you'll find those new things:
    1. ADD_THIS_TO_TP2.txt, will have new instructions that you'll need to copy to your installation.tp2 file. You might need to edit some things, so do make sure to go over it!
    2. RESOURCE_POOL_DATA folder, which will hold all the required files, in this folder you'll find:
      1. 2DA folder, holds your CLAB file with all the abilities and passives arranged in the most efficient way
      2. SPL folder, edited spells, do note that there are 2 version of the same spell "SPELL_NAME" and "SPELL_NAME_RES".
        "SPELL_NAME" - this spell is the one you'll cast and it casts "SPELL_NAME_RES", if needed only patch: name,description,icon,flags,exclusion flags,primary/secondary type
        "SPELL_NAME_RES" - the real spell with the real effects, patch whatever you want.

You can find the README where you extracted the tool.

[Version History]

Version 1.0 - 11/09/2017:
* First public release



  • yowaveyowave Member Posts: 67

    If there was a way to do it without using creatures and scripts, I'd be more interested. My ideas for alternative point systems are 1) using your "max hp" score (since psionics are in a sense fueled by your own energy)...

    yowave said:

    I also think that i can take my Resource Pool method and make it work using HP, i'll try to get to it soon after i am done with version 2.0 of the Resource Pool Kit Upgrade.

    As i promised.
    I believe that this TOOL, which introduce a new method, addresses your problem.
    Will you honor us with a Psionic KIT in the near future?
  • yowaveyowave Member Posts: 67
    edited September 13
    Even better! most of the heavy lifting has been done already.
    Since this TOOL addresses your problem with the alternative point system, will you honor us with a reworked Psionic KIT which uses HP as an alternative point system?
  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 7,831
    edited September 13
    yowave said:

    Since this TOOL addresses your problem with the alternative point system, will you honor us with a reworked Psionic KIT which uses HP as an alternative point system?

    Not likely, for 2 reasons. 1) "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I'm pretty happy with the way my psion kits work at the moment, and it would be a non-trivial amount of work to switch it over to a new system, and then tweak that system to my liking (setting point regeneration over time, etc.) and then test the new system to make sure it doesn't introduce new bugs. (And, knowing me, it would.)

    2) Real life does not currently provide me with enough free time to do any modding, or even playing, except for the most basic quick bug-fixes. :(
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