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Any standalone Sleep Fix (nerf) for BGEE?

ArtOfShredArtOfShred Member Posts: 14
edited September 2017 in BG:EE Mods
I think I've been pretty thorough but I can't seem to find a mod for BGEE that restores the wake up on hit behavior to the level 1 mage spell Sleep. Is there an engine limitation preventing it from being implemented (I know the Spell Revisions variant required TobEx)?

Just had the whole party get knocked out by an Ogre Mage ambush at level 4 on the way to the Gnoll Stronghold. It then proceeded to dump all its spells into one of my unconscious party members then just sit there until everyone woke up. Not sure if SCS AI bugged out there, or its intentionally designed to not be lame as shit because it could have easily hosed the entire party in that duration with its melee attacks.

EDIT: Ooh think it stopped attacking because its weapon broke actually. So if not for that my entire party would be dongoed.

It feels lame to have it used on you, and it feels lame to use it on enemies too (even if it does only work on some opponents).

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  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 5,808
    I'm fairly certain this is original (non-EE) behaviour. Enemies waking up on hit was a bug introduced in (I think) 1.3

  • ArtOfShredArtOfShred Member Posts: 14
    edited September 2017
    Yeah it is the intended behavior, just always bothered me - and I got used to playing BGT. Basically a level one hold person that's better than hold person because its cast almost instantly with -3 to saves. The only catch is of course it only effects less than 5 HD, but that means lower level parties and quite a lot of mobs are susceptible. IWD always had it coded to wake up on hit to balance it better.

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  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 9,076
    edited September 2017
    I agree that Sleep is MUCH better with the wake-on-hit effect. A first-level spell with an AoE that is party-friendly, that lets you slowly murder the targets with zero resistance? That is just silly. Even with wake-on-hit, it's still incredibly valuable - if you put a few enemies to sleep, you can now wake them up and take them on one at a time. It's a HUGE tactical advantage... without being outright silly.

    Thing is, the nerf did affect other spells and ability in a bad way - stuff like Emotion: Despair, Greater Command, etc. Those spells really should not have had wake-on-hit. Funny thing it, Beamdog added a flag to the effect so that it can work different ways for different spells... but they did not activate that flag on the 1st-level spell. But we can!

    Try unzipping the attached .zip folder into your game directory and running setup-sleep_wake.exe. Should add wake-on-hit for the 1st-level spell only.

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 2,592
    I have been noticing that with some mods lately. Maybe Spell Revisions that does it, but I think the Shadow Adept mod changes that as well, even if not playing one if its added (IIRC).
    Anyway, got it happening on my set up, sometimes at least.

  • ArtOfShredArtOfShred Member Posts: 14
    edited September 2017
    Beautiful it works! Thanks subtledoctor!

    Now I can use sleep without feeling like I'm practically exploiting. And not have to worry about my low level party on a no reload playthrough getting completely knocked out by sleep to boot.

    Also this made me realize that for some reason COMPS01.itm (the undroppable Bastard Sword hobgoblins + ogre mages use) has the same breaking effect on it as normal iron weapons, but if it breaks they still drop the normal weapon in their inventory. Super silly.

    EDIT: Ooh looks like it didn't update the effect for Wand of Sleep though. I just manually did it in Near Infinity since I'm not familiar with Weidu.

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