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Adjusted Shapeshifter Paws for Imp.SS Mod

BorekBorek Member Posts: 513
Since i was unable to D/L the Saradas Revisioned Shapeshifter due to the server issues i decided to have a stab at adjusting the paw Values from the Tweaks Anthology Improved SS. Been bugging me like crazy that the damn things are race limited and have hard coded stats. Turns out Near Infinity is actually pretty easy to use and after a mere hour or so i was able to change them to what i wanted.

Now i will say that the Saradas Mod, whilst i have not been able to try it, looks to be MUCH more indepth with level based upgrades and cool new features, something i am reluctant to even try and do, but if peeps are interested in the adjusted Claws for Normal WereWolf Form and Greater WW form, as per the Tweaks Anthology i have attached them, just extract into the Override folder.

Here's my Adjusted stats:

Werewolf Form:

Attributes: +1 STR, +1 DEX, +1 CON
Base Armor Class: 1
Resistances: 20% magic resistance, immunity to non-magical weapons
Regeneration: 1 HP per Round (6 seconds)
Attacks Per Round: +1
Damage: 1D8+2
Damage type: slashing
Speed Factor: 3
Proficiency Type: Dagger
Type: 1-handed

Basically it's a +2 Weapon that adds +1 to physical stats, has been reduced from 1d12 to 1d8+2 for damage, uses dagger proficiency and counts as 1 handed (can be used in main or offhand now, was 2handed before) and has 1 HP per round regeneration added, slow enough for out of combat and not game breaking IMO. Obviously it still gives immunity to normal weapons and +20% magic resistance and turns you into a Werewolf when equipped. It also works for people who want to use EE Keeper to Dual class Fighter kits plus has had the race restrictions removed for people who wish to use Mods to remove Kit/class race limits. There's no Alignment restrictions, but it's still limited to Fighters (all kits including Barbarian), Fighter/Druids and Druids for classes.

Greater Werewolf Form:

Attributes: +3 STR, +3 DEX, +3 CON
Base Armor Class: -6
Base Saving Throws: 1/1/1/2/1
Resistances: 40% magic resistance, 50% elemental resistance, immunity to non-magical/+1/+2 weapons
Regeneration: 3 hit points per second
Attacks Per Round: +2
To Hit: +6
Damage: 2D6+6
Damage type: slashing
Speed Factor: 3
Proficiency Type: Dagger
Type: 1-handed

It's now a +6 weapon because what's the point being a living engine of destruction if you can't hit everything in the game with your super-claw?

Damage changed from 2d8 to 2d6+6, to match a +6 weapon, you actually have slightly lower To Hit bonus now but it accurately reflects being a +6 Weapon. Like the normal claw it now counts as a 1 handed Dagger and can be used in either hand, please note that you CANNOT equip both types at once (sorry power gamers, but it's now monster-mode +6 so zero sympathy!). The claw adds +2 attacks per round and obviously that means hello Belm offhand since it's no longer a 2h weapon, if you wanted you could offhand it and use a Main hand weapon with +2 attacks. The Claw also makes you immune to less than +3 weapons to match GWW's in game, to offset this i completely removed the bonus HP's the claw used to add.

As you can see it no longer sets you to specific Physical stats and instead adds +3 Str/Dex/Con, so this means the +3 regen per second is slightly more reasonable since you do not have 25 Con and 45 bonus HP's, i felt this was a fairer way to balance the fact you get far better weapon immunity, but be warned that the Potency of this forms weapon immunity and it's awesome saves, MR and elemental resistances are most definitely going to trivialize many encounters.

Just bear in mind you are a GREATER WEREWOLF and as can be seen in game when you face them (worth 15000 XP each) they are tough mofo's, you will be a flat out beast with this claw, able to hit anything not protected by spells and with Lum/Book/Hell trials anything that has 18 Str to start with will be 25 Str when beasting out!

I made this for BG2 EE, on Win7 64 bit, so don't know if that limits options on other platforms, i also just tested by extracting into my BGEE and making a test level 1 Shapeshifter, the claw was summoned but for some reason it had a naming issue which i'll probably look into at some point in time that isn't 3:30am. Note that the claw did equip to my Half-Orc level 1 ShapeShifter just fine and seemed to correctly add the +1 physical stats and was completely fine as a weapon, even adding +1 AC from single weapon style that i selected.

Let me know if there's any issues and i'll try and look into it.

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