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Forgotten Realms novels set in the same time/locations as the first game?

vreishvreish Member Posts: 28
I was thinking it would be fun to write some Baldur's Gate fanfic, and was wondering if there were any novels that might be useful for me to read for inspiration and reference? I mean stories set in the Sword Coast area, around the time of the games, particularly if they describe locations like Baldur's Gate, Beregost, Nashkel, etc. in more detail. To help me ground whatever I end up writing more in realms lore.

I've already (tragically) read the novelization. An example of what I'm looking for might be The Trial of Cyric the Mad, which I've heard takes place in Candlekeep around the Time of Troubles.


  • LoomisLoomis Member Posts: 21
    edited October 2017
    All of Dritzz's book are good fairly close kinda sorta ... there were 3 in a trilogy called BG BG2 and ToB if I remember right been like 17 years since I read them don't really even rember if they were good .. R. a. Salvatore books are all pretty damn good and many dragonlance books to get you in mood though

  • scriverscriver Member Posts: 1,636
    The game is modelled fairly faithfully after Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast, the 2nd edition sourcebook. The majority of the game's notable locations, people, and factions is taken directly from there.

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