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Final Battle on Insane Difficulty

I have one big problem fighting Belhifet - my party enters Basalt Tower so buffed, that I would be able break Belhifet like a matchstick (I don't see portraits any more - there are all covered in icons) but first thing Belhilfet does is casting Dispel Magic - and then the fight is nearly over because and don't have any decent fighter in my party...

I tried many things to interrupt Belhifet's spell and I always failed. Any clues how to prevent Belhifet from casting Dispel Magic?


  • O_BruceO_Bruce Member Posts: 2,763
    If that happens, I suggest to buff yourself after the battle starts (and only after he casts Dispel Magic). You'll likely need to manage your party during that time and be very carefull about what he and the rest of demons are doing. Also, I think you should summon some creatures as a distraciton while you're buffing yourself.

  • HadarHadar Member Posts: 168

    Thank You! Figth with Belhifet was piece of cake. :D

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