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Correct order, 6 mods?

Hi everybody, I'm finally back into the world of Baldurs Gate, after a long long pause. I'm starting over with BG1 and I'm about to install a couple of mods. But first I wanted to double check the order with the all-knowing forum.

I'm installing them on mac/os x, directly from Beamdog, following the guides on the forum and using the easy mod installer. Also double checking the various parts of the mods so they don't interact badly with each other.

Install order:

BG1EE (started a game + did a backup)

Unfinished business
Chatty Imoen
Portraits Portraits Everywhere
CamDawgs Tweaks
SCS (with fixpack)

(EE Keeper)


(Here's the order in which I've sorted mods:

Sound Mods (e.g., Restored BG1 Casting Sounds)
Item/Store/Other Dependencies Mods
Quest Mods
Comprehensive Mods and Related Tweaks
NPC Mods
Graphical Mods
AI/Scripting Mods
Kit/Spell Mods
Global Tweaks & Improvements (BG2 Tweaks, SCS, aTweaks) )

/ Jonis


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