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Party help for first SCS playthrough

After playing through the game so many times I want to do a modded run, I've read a lot about SCS and my plan is to play through BG1 and Dragonspear on insane then use that party for a BG2 SCS run. I'm looking for something fairly challenging so should I do SCS on insane also? Here's my plan for a custom party

Human Blackguard- dual world LS crossbow then either axes or mages
Human Inquisitor - 2h sword , longbow. I was debating on a cavalier but it seems like the inquisitor bonuses are really good for SCS
Human berserker 9/Cleric dual flails/warhammers slings for ranged
Human Kensai 9/mage this one I was thinking either staffs or maces/shortsword dual. I could do longswords and have the blackguard do axes/maces or 2h
Gnome Illusionist/Thief- shortbows/daggers
Specialist mage - debating on necromancer or conjurer so will probably be human also

For books I was thinking strength to kensai/mage, Dex to illusionist/rogue, con to inquisitor, all wisdom to berserker/Cleric, int to specialist mage and charisma to Blackguard.


  • Stupid_PunsStupid_Puns Member Posts: 64
    I was thinking of having a very similar party to that, except I feel like two paladins are a little much but that's just me.
    - a sorcerer
    - a fighter/thief
    - a fighter/illusionist
    - an archer
    - a totemic druid
    - a cleric/mage
    Totemic Druids have that awesome summon ability.
    Another party to consider is:
    Dwarven Defender : Tank (The 50% damage reduction is key for LoB and makes DDs pretty much the only viable choice) Start with ++ in War Hammers and ++Sword and Shield Style. The other option would be to go with a Barbarian for kiting, but that seems risky with their low AC.
    Archer : Duh
    Totemic Druid : The summons get the same HP buffs that the mobs do, making summons quite powerful in LoB. Also Bless is helpful and eventually Iron Skin and Insect Swarm and Mass Healing. The Woodland Creatures are less helpful because most of their spells will be ineffective, but their mass heal is nice and additional distractions are always nice. Unfortunately you're stuck with slings, so pump DEX and STR. But the Skald buffs do apply to the summons so that helps and you can summon animals in addition to the spirit animals.
    Skald : Of course
    Still, yours is quite clever, and will do quite well in any situation, although for my Kens/Mages I always prefer axes and either Katanas or Longs Swords. That way, by the end of ToB, you got the Axe of the Unyielding and either the Celestial Fury or one of the plenty of amazing long swords, and dual wield with those. Berserker cleric with dual wield Flails is always amazing, a fantastic way to go in both BGEE and BG2EE. Other than that, your all clear kid. One question I personally have is whether your going to play through BGEE or just start at BG2EE, just curious. Alright, well, best of luck. (Insert a smiley face here)

  • chimaerachimaera Member Posts: 640
    1) You can install SCS on BG1 too,
    2) How difficult SCS is depends on the installation options chosen (it's ver modular and you don't have to install everything).

    Generally, scs isn't the sort of mod you'd need to powergame, even on insane, as the enemy cheating is minimal. Imo, the insane difficulty (apart from the higher damage) is more noticeable in SoD.

  • unavailableunavailable Member Posts: 265
    edited November 2017
    I think you're overestimating the difficulty of SCS. Jan and Aerie are all the magic and thievery you'll need, so take them and whichever custom or NPC characters you want.

    If you insist on a custom party however I suggest dropping the blackguard for... something else. Clerics are actually very good in the early parts of BG with spells like hold person and command. Make it a multiclass and give it the weapons you were going to give to the kensai/mage.

    A gnomish fighter/illusionist with good constitution will survive fights that your kensai/mage will not, and kensai is going to be a burden that doesn't really pay off until late into SoD with grand mastery in some weapon or other.

    Sorcerers magic is not as strong as specialist mages, true, but it makes up in quantity what it lacks in strength. Pick one or the other imo.

  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 622
    In my experience with BGEE and SCS, SCS allows enemies to fight more logically, e.g. mages may buff, people call for help, monsters may be a bit harder or mercenaries may more often use potions and/or magical arrows. As was noted, it is modular, so you can in fact pick and choose how difficult you make things.

    For BG 1-2, I wholeheartedly recommend it if you have played through the vanilla game multiple times. It will up your game for sure and add new challenges.

    In BG2, SCS does make mage fights more difficult in general, but again after numerous play-throughs, I find this refreshing.

    I say go for SCS in BG1 and BG2 without a doubt. As I understand, SOD uses the same thinking as SCS in its own AI,so if you made it through SOD, then you more or less will understand what its all about. Of course with higher levels, everything gets harder with or without SCS.

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