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Need help ... leaving Monday on business trip ... trying to save game from PC to IPad ...

I can't seem to make this work .... I followed the exact directions from these forums but it doesn't open my saved pc game in iPad .... the directions I followed will be copy and pasted below ... heading out on trip Monday and would love to get my saved pc game into my iPad if anyone can help .....


Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition offer a new way to share your saved games between PC and tablet. To migrate your saves, sound sets, or custom portraits, you’ll need a program that can create a zip archive and a way to change the file extension.

You’ll be using the following extensions:
• .bg1save (used to transfer saved games)
• .bg1portrait (used to transfer portraits)
• .bg1sound (used to transfer sound sets)

Place the appropriate files in a zip archive, then change the file extension to the appropriate one from the list above. Then, you can email the renamed archive to yourself and open it on your iPad. When prompted, select to open with Baldur’s Gate; the game will launch, and you’ll see your files reflected in-game.

For saved games, make sure that you include the entire folder for the saved game (the one labeled “00000001-Auto-Save”, for example). You can transfer multiple saves within a single file.

Do not include the entire “save”, “sounds”, or “portraits” folder in your archive, and do not mix sounds, portraits, and saved games together in the same archive.

Portraits must still follow the file format and naming convention described in the game’s included manuals: 24-bit BMP, 8 characters or less, with a standard aspect ratio of 210x330 for the large portrait.


I followed the above directions using 7zip on both pc and iPad and nothing happened the saved game doesn't show up



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