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Create Party Trio LOB...

What would be the very best trio to create and carry over to BG2:EE ??....I got the time and want to do it !


  • theonlypeejtheonlypeej Member Posts: 43
    ...of course ill add NPC's for the quests and such...but drop em like they are nothing.

  • Stupid_PunsStupid_Puns Member Posts: 67
    edited November 2017
    Well, with only three party members you'll need to cover a lot of bases. Now, I personally would recommend 4 party members:
    "Dwarven Defender : Tank (The 50% damage reduction is key for LoB and makes DDs pretty much the only viable choice) Start with ++ in War Hammers and ++Sword and Shield Style. The other option would be to go with a Barbarian for kiting, but that seems risky with their low AC.
    Archer : Duh
    Totemic Druid : The summons get the same HP buffs that the mobs do, making summons quite powerful in LoB. Also Bless is helpful and eventually Iron Skin and Insect Swarm and Mass Healing. The Woodland Creatures are less helpful because most of their spells will be ineffective, but their mass heal is nice and additional distractions are always nice. Unfortunately you're stuck with slings, so pump DEX and STR. But the Skald buffs do apply to the summons so that helps and you can summon animals in addition to the spirit animals.
    Skald : Of course."
    So, yeah...four party members is always good. If you really want only three, then maybe remove either the archer or the dwarven defender from that list.
    OR... you could just have a Fighter/Mage/Thief, Fighter/Cleric, and the last one being whatever the hell you want because freedom of choice. So...there ya' go... ok.

  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
    Shaman: Summon stuff while stopping enemy mages from summoning their stuff.
    Skald: Buff your stuff.
    Mage/Thief: Steal all the stuff while your summoned stuff is fighting other stuff (while also summoning more, better, stuff). Also be CHARNAME for godmode familiar. And stuff.

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