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BG Saga SCS Completionist Playthrough (Youtube Let's Play)

MivsanMivsan Member Posts: 139
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Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if this is an appropriate place to advertise a Youtube playthrough - if not, please let me know and I'll delete the thread.

I just wanted to post a little info about a playthrough I'm recording - perhaps someone will be interested in seeing it when they're bored and have nothing better to do :+).

In the playthrough/let's play I'd like to focus on showcasing everything the game has to offer. I want to attempt to provide pleasant commentary with an emphasis on being informative and showing a lot of the lesser known events in BG games - easter eggs, rare dialogue options, influence of high charisma or charm spells, etc.

It's meant to be a completionist playthrough where I attempt to explore all areas, finish all quests, do all encounters and show as many unique conversations/points of interest as possible. The only limitations to that idea that I set for myself are:
1) I don't have to recruit every single NPC and complete their personal quest;
2) I don't have to be inconsistant in my choices - I'm playing a Good-aligned character who isn't going to do things the Evil way (with one exception in BG2:SoA to get the silver pantaloons).

The playthrough is also supposed to be of a rather difficult nature, provided by a big install of SCS. I also showcase a lot of content from the BG1 NPC Project mod and engage in some RP.

Another important element of the whole thing is that I'm playing on version 1.3. so there's no Siege of Dragonspear content - just the classic Trilogy.

The episode #00 provides a lot of details to all that I've mentioned, but it turned out to be really lengthy. You might want to navigate through it by using the timestamps in the description (to listen about particular topics I discuss) or simply skip straight to the gameplay in episode #01.

I haven't uploaded all of the recorded and edited episodes yet, but I think there are some entertaining moments in there. For example, episode #02 features a certain upset by Tarnesh and there's a spectacular performance by a gibberling in episode #04 who manages to one hit kill my protagonist with a crit :+). My monotone voice gets better from episode to episode, so bare with me as I learn to be a better Let's Player and figure out this whole recording, edit and entertaining thing!

Here's the link to the PLAYLIST, if anyone's interested.

Of course, I would very much welcome any feedback, if anyone can be bothered to post some. Thank you in advance and, hopefully, have fun watching!
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  • MivsanMivsan Member Posts: 139
    I've uploaded some more episodes - we've just dealt with Bassilus and are ready to head south to Nashkel so that Jaheira finally stops nagging our heroes about it :+).

    I have one question in regards to the recording, though. I would be very thankful for any help some more knowledgeable individuals than me could provide: I use OBS to record with and it seems that when I use game capture and have the "hardware mouse cursor" setting enabled in game, the cursor bugs out sometimes when doing inventory management (cursor changing shapes), like here at around 26:03: LINK
    I figured out that when I disable "hardware mouse cursor" it seems to not bug out like that but that makes the cursor bigger and, most importantly, somewhat less smooth. Would anyone have any clues as to why that happens? I'd like to use that hardware cursor setting for a smoother cursor. I did some tests with window capture which seems to work better with that hardware cursor setting enabled (cursor doesn't seem to bug out), but that makes the cursor smaller and harder to see. I'd really welcome any help in figuring out the mysteries of that BG:EE cursor :+). If anyone has any info about it, PLEASE share it with me!

    I'm using Windows 10 and version 1.3. of BG:EE (which I've seen flawless videos of when it comes to the cursor).
  • MivsanMivsan Member Posts: 139

    I'm not sure if I should keep updating this topic, because all the relevant info is in the opening post, but I thought I'd just say that the playthrough continues smoothly, as I keep posting videos every day - we're now on episode 17, in chapter 3, after clearing a lot of side areas already. I think we've had a couple of entertaining moments, some deaths, some interesting conversations from the BG1 NPC Project and so far, it's been great fun - I'm glad I decided to do this.

    There's also one bonus episode concerning Drizzt - even though I didn't kill him in the playthrough, as I'm playing a good aligned character, I made a separate video showcasing how I normally kill the EE SCS Drizzt, being as non-cheesy as possible, without actually going toe to toe with him. Perhaps someone will find it interesting / enjoyable.

    Also, if any of you posted feedback in the Youtube comments, thank you! :+)
  • MivsanMivsan Member Posts: 139
    Another update!

    We're at episode #30 now and much has happened since the last post. I've cleared out most of the optional areas and progressed the main storyline up to chapter 4 - we've just started Cloakwood.

    Ogre Berserkers have become the main villains in the playthrough - their performance against my party has been pretty strong and they were able to get a few kills so far :+). There were also many epic SCS battles - if you'd like to check out some of them, take a look at episodes:
    - 22 - fights vs. Mutamin and his basilisks + Kirian's adventurer party
    - 27 - Red Wizard encounter in the Spider Wood - 4 SCS mages!
    - 28 - Bandit Camp battle - one of my favourites from SCS in BG1

    Some other noteworthy fights include Narcillicus + Mustard Jellies (17), Nimbul (18 - RIP Xan and damn you Rasaad for stealing my kill!), Molkar's group ambush (21), Amazon ambush + Osmadi and Corsone (25).

    In the next episodes the action is not going to slow down - we have some Shadow Druids to defeat (including Amarande, the 11th level Avenger Archdruid), plenty of spiders (especially in Centeol's lair) and wyverns and the whole mines complex with many SCS high level mages (Hareishan, Natasha and Davaeorn of course). Our heroes will prevail, however (or die trying)!
  • MivsanMivsan Member Posts: 139
    Hello everyone, an end-of-the-year update post incoming!

    We're now on episode #47. In all of those episodes so far we've managed to clear out all of the wilderness areas on the map (except Durlag's Tower) and explore most of Baldur's Gate City. We have entered the end game phase of BG1 - we are pretty high level, we have good equipment and are about to finish chapter 5.

    Since the last post we've managed to venture through the Cloakwood, defeating the Shadow Druids (with archdruids Amarande and Andarthe in 32), Drasus' mercenary group (33), powerful SCS mages Hareishan, Natasha and Daveorn aka Dave (34, 35, 35.5). We've also explored the ruins of Ulcaster's School of Magic (killing Icharyd in 36 and the Wolf of Ulcaster in 37) and the Firewine Bridge ruins (38).

    Before setting out for Baldur's Gate City we've defeated Daer'Ragh and his Phoenix Guard, killed Simmeon's party and gave out some Christmas gifts - Shar-Teel received a nice belt that gave her a chance to experience the opposite gender she loves so much and Baeloth got a shiny ring to make friends easier on the surface (all of that in episode 39). Then, it was finally time to depart for Baldur's Gate City.

    I've had a lot of fun so far doing the Let's Play - many funny moments and cool fights happened, I've received a lot of feedback and encouragement (for which I'm VERY grateful and appreciative) and in general it's been a great time.

    Of course, the playthrough is going to continue in 2018! The rest of the Saga awaits!

    Happy New Year and all the best in 2018!
  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 516
    going through my first SCS run so this is great! keep up the thread :smile:
  • GroomGroom Member Posts: 7
    Super thanks for your videos Mivsan.

    Some questions:
    1. Will you try a Trilogy (EET) playthrough? But you were sceptic about SoD (from your video).

    2. It would have been awsome if you played the game in a more difficult setting for SCS - The (fine tuning) difficulty slider for SCS and choosing Hardcore (maybe insane/LoB options)

    When you start the game (no matter which Game difficulty you start with), SCS starts with <default> "Fine-tune difficulty" for all options.

    Here is an example for option 1 ("Fighters, theives and general/misc AI"):
    (you get to choose in a similar way for the other options)
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