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How to: Perfect the Totemic Druid

Stupid_PunsStupid_Puns Member Posts: 67
Alright all you beautiful people of the "world wide web," I come to you ONCE AGAIN, for your infinite wisdom. It's 1:30 in the morning, and that's when I do my best BG thinking. Anyway, I just installed the BGEET mod with a bunch of other mods, and plan on going through on Legacy of Bhaal, and I thought, "Well myself, what class should I be? Well, a Totemic Druid comes to mind." And in planning my Totemic Druid escapade, I wanted to know what they best thing to do with a Totemic Druid is, seeing how I couldn't find anything like this on the www. My train of thought was this: Be a Totemic Druid until level 12, then dual class to a Fighter. I get level 6 spells this way, and can wear some good armor plus achieve grand mastery in say... scimitars. However, in order to get my abilities in Druid-ness again, I'd have to be a level 13 fighter, which would take until the beginning of SoA (if I did SoD).
SO! My question to all you maniacs, druids, and mainical Druids out there is this, "How do I perfect the Druid? Preferably a Totemic Druid." Some say I should be a Kensai/Berserker and then dual class to a regular Druid at level 9. Others say I should stay a Totemic Druid and dual class a level 10. Or, those... other people.... say that I should be a Avenger/Shapeshifter, and MORE people say I should just be a fighter/Druid, which I won't because Jaheira exists.
Regardless, the question stands, how does one perfect the art of the Druid? Because personally, I have no idea... so... yeah... ok...

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  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,083
    Here's a full playthrough from a totemic druid:

    If you have the patience to read through it you surely can learn something useful about playing a druid.

  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
    Generally you "perfect" a druid by hitting level 15, when they get six level 7 spells and HLAs, but this tends to be a bit of a late dual. Anything less, and you're less "a druid", and more a Fighter who happens to have a few druid spells (and might just as easily be a Fighter who happens to have a few Mage spells, better gear selection and better spells to boot).

    You can also perfect a Druid by hitting level 13 Fighter (Kensai if you're feeling brave, Berserker if you're feeling practical), then dualling into Druid. They'll hit 14 Druid at the SoA cap, and have Grand Mastery in Scimitars and Daggers, and still reach Druid 28, which gives just as many max spells per day as a pure druid. Barkskin + Iron Skins makes you pretty survivable even naked, dagger GMastery gives you versatility, and Scimitar or Firetooth dual wielding gives you 5 APR hitting harder than most pure fighters can manage.

    Alternatively, just be a Totemic Druid. You can get 4.5 APR with Firetooth + Gauntlets + Belm, 3.5 with Spectral Brand, a decent THAC0, and plenty of solid summons, there's not much need to Fighter it up.

    Finally, use EEKeeper, dual from pure Fighter 7 into Druid, set the kit to Totemic (Keeper can automate a lot of this nowadays), and wait to level until you get another 60k Exp before levelling your Druid to get 2 proficiency pips to put straight into grand mastering your chosen weapon type well before the BG cap. You lose 1 level from absolute cap which is irrelevant, and spend the vast majority of the time with both classes active.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,029
    Play it straight all the way through. No dual classing. High level druid spells are the best in the game. Use your special summons until you get Greater elemental summoning. Other than that, play as a standard druid caster.

  • DevardKrownDevardKrown Member Posts: 421
    edited November 2017
    Replace fighter with Berserker if you fancy.

    Fighter LvL3/Druid.

    +Super Fast to do.(11.500xp total needed) (10 min job if you go basilisk farming)
    + 4,5 APR max unbuffed if dual wield. (5 if you go firetooth +3 and belm+2)
    + High Strength until +1book
    + can grandmaster weapons and max dual-wield
    + second best THAC0 progression in game.
    + can wear plate.
    + gets all the spells

    -No Fighter HLAs

    Fighter LvL7/Druid

    + Same of the Above
    + More HP and 0.5 APR (hitting cap of 5 if dualwield with any mainhand weapon)
    + Still doable in BG1

    - Slower Progression. (124.000 xp total)

    Pure Totemic druid.

    -Trades all off the goodies from above for a pet summon , its a strong pet don't get me wrong but better be strong yourself than having a gimmick power.

    Fighter9 or 13/druid

    - too slow ...
    - you already hit the max APR
    - you will outgrow the Fighter THAC0
    - you spend all of BG1/SOD and parts of SOA as fighter. (NO SPELLS in that time!)
    - marginal better HP are not needed.

    you made it clear you want to augment your druid not augment a Fighter so stay away from 9/13 dualclasses.

    last mention Fighter/Druid Multi.

    as above seen fighter stops giving after lvl 7 unless you REALLY REALLY want fighter HLAs or to be a Half-Elf its the inferior selection.

    Enjoy !

  • HarpagornisHarpagornis Member Posts: 1,496
    The way hardcore gamers like to play: Totemic Druid 18 -> Fighter

    Test it. Play it. Love it! ;)

  • DevardKrownDevardKrown Member Posts: 421

    The way hardcore gamers like to play: Totemic Druid 18 -> Fighter

    Test it. Play it. Love it! ;)

    and enjoy ONLY your ToB end fight as what you actually wanted to play ? :P

  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137

    The way hardcore gamers like to play: Totemic Druid 18 -> Fighter

    Test it. Play it. Love it! ;)

    Psh. Not Hardcore enough. Level 22 Totemic Druid -> Fighter.

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