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Best way of importing classic BG1 into modded BG2EE?

Years ago I finished the classic version of BG1, and now I want to carry over that character into BG2 (with the Unfinished Business mod). I've discovered it is rather tricky to go from classic BG1 to BG2EE, because classic BG1 had a different set of weapon proficiencies, and BG2EE does not want to import from the classic BG1 save games. What looks like the best workaround is to install classic BG2 and import the character into that (since it converts the proficiencies as part of the import process), then move that over to BG2EE.

It's that last part that I still need to work out the best method. I know I can just move the whole savegame from classic BG2 game start to BG2EE and start playing, or in theory I should be able to export the CHR file from classic BG2 and use it to start a new BG2EE game. But I see potential problems with both approaches.

If I move the whole savegame over, I'm wondering if it will break at some point down the line, since the game was created in classic BG2 and it may not get along with how BG2EE works, or it may work OK with vanilla BG2EE but break because it doesn't get along with UB.

If I export the CHR from classic BG2, it will be the game-start version of the character, which has no inventory, correct? My understanding is that BG2 will carry over certain items it finds in a BG1 savegame -- one armor, one miscellaneous item, and the Golden Pantaloons if you have them. I also found an archived version of Dudleyville that says it imports a weapon as well. I suppose I could just cheat and give myself the items in a BG2EE savegame editor, but cheating really ruins the satisfaction of winning the game for me, so I'd do it only as a last resort.

Another thing that just occurred to me is that I could move the classic BG2 savegame over to the BG2EE folder and try importing directly from that into a new game, but I'm guessing the items are on the savegame's map and when it imports it just looks at my savegame's character inventory.

It also just occurred to me I could try moving the classic BG1 savegame over to BGEE and see if the game knows how to handle it, then save a new savegame that in theory could be properly imported into BG2EE. I seem to recall years ago reading people saying that BGEE can handle BG savegames.

Basically, I'm trying to make sure I get the items that should carry-over while also being certain the game won't have compatibility problems.


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