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No nwhak.exe?

I got the early doors version yesterday and nwhak.exe is not included. Is it just an oversight or is it deliberate for some reason?



  • AncarionAncarion Member Posts: 155
    I can only imagine it's because they prefer to get feedback on the base "unhaked" game at this stage of the beta. Either that or someone was sleep deprived when the packed it all up for download.
  • GlassmelterGlassmelter Member Posts: 38
    NWN Packer is a better tool anyway. It can handle higher file volume. You can find it here:
  • ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 571
    nwhak.exe or similar program provided by BD should still be in by default so people do not have to go looking for a program.
  • PappaChazzPappaChazz Member Posts: 20

    NWN Packer is a better tool anyway. It can handle higher file volume. You can find it here:

    This would be nice to have, but the vault says that the "file is no more". Any idea where else it could be found?
  • PappaChazzPappaChazz Member Posts: 20
    Thanks, TR :)
  • ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 571
    Beamdog added a new nwhak.exe and GFFEditor.exe that handle few newer file types, a few patches back. It in your install folder under util / 32-bit (for windows) folder.
  • IseweinIsewein Member Posts: 437
    Is the new nwhak.exe backwards compatible, i.e. can hak packs created with it still be used in NWN 1.69 / Diamond modules? I'm tempted to associate .hak files with it permanently, but wouldn't want to run into any trouble later on.
  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 1,102
    I haven't had any problems with that.
  • SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 142
    @isilwen the current EE nwhak.exe supports new EE resource types, like .mtr, and .lod.. It creates valid ERF packages that can be used in 1.69 and earlier, however, NWN Diamond is not going to be able to use these new restypes.

    Beyond restypes, EE supports content that cannot be supported in NWN Diamond, as new features, such as new parameters in .mdl files, and new .dds formats. These extensions are supported by both the new and old nwhak.exe's, but will only function properly in NWN:EE.

    Compatibility will be up to you first, not the program. If you are a discerning hak package creator, you will need to use your knowledge to publish 1.69 safe content. These are just tools.

    Making your content work for either platform may be a constraint, but, the exercise is not different from making your 2da's work for your content, you will need to be in control of knowing what you have, what it is, and what it is for.
  • IseweinIsewein Member Posts: 437
    Good to know, thanks. Of course, I understand I will have to make sure to leave out EE-only resource types.
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