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Server download packages and docker support

nivniv Member, Moderator, Developer Posts: 403
Hello folks,

find below the official server packages as a simple, very small zip download.

It's a universal zip that contains all three platform server binaries (Windows, Linux x86, and macOS x86). To use, unzip it into a directory of your choosing (about 200MB), and run the binary in bin/platform. It will use the same userdirectory as your client (on linux, that's ~/.local/share/Neverwinter Nights/).


* 61MB, sha1: d28a909884c6158852e59a17627d9647e29003d3
* 61MB, sha1: 41a3b55c9db92f04bf297f023c7e8f98e11d5d16
* 61MB, sha1: 77c0c8a138c8379eaa467886333b101b33c6be48


* 60MB, sha1: a0ad425908f3f8f81411ca53788dad1697fc7962

If you are using the game download of 20.1, run a dedicated server off it, and see issues when hosting a NWSync-enabled game where the server kicks players off with "HAK files missing", please use this download instead. That will address the mentioned issue.

There is also a docker image at The NWNXEE build also runs off this image. (If you do not know what either means, do not worry - just ignore this paragraph).


* 60MB, sha1: 2951d858ac08bb7323d519ead43ecadf6ffe0e18
* 60MB, sha1: 45a969664b00a714c2162446f60319dac37bdcdd
* 60MB, sha1: 584f924b190fe109056c743d38a1488fc2c9c684
* 50MB, sha1: aabb852907e5d2acb46836226592a58463aaabbf
* 50MB, sha1: a39cb8899e27841eb8bb3d0e13aaca2fdd47b9e6
* 50MB, sha1: cebf4ee1ea6aecc9bdcc444ef7457fd2ce7bc7b9
* 50MB, sha1: eec561f63d9e344d63e96763e485432a9c763264
* 50MB, sha1: 24c2514c23c513fd0e07979fd6e244ac6314e3d9
* 50MB, sha1: fffcdbb18579c93deac0e1ea60434f1a29ff9685
* 50MB, sha1: 862017d16d71cc3f72f72e6b6cd44686d354f736
* 50MB, sha1: 90affe1c8064965944f42990673c2fb3e7a10a7f
* 50MB, sha1: 2e74d5c8791aff29ffe9033c031980f9fe6b63af
* 50MB, sha1: 7be8303d8bfe4a2bd7680b16ddf2cf4e42f4bf3c
* 50MB, sha1: 575b65f1b2ce0a6b4dbf5c3d34080f74eb8adc9c
* 50MB, sha1: 68808daaf65879c55d9fa49cd7315c0722ad4617
* 43MB, sha1: e620390262528e44a2232400da959cbf9b63af71
* 40MB, sha1: 9eedbfe9f8ceb353589876d5b20e986a036b9aab
* 39MB, sha1: ad378c63f4700a4d3716425f9d96641609ad8c6d
* 39MB, sha1: 63d143f93feb1f7bc76a304ebfb5a819c43b96db
* 39MB, sha1: b2b413686b250ac9e670ba717766445ee9543d0e
* 39MB, sha1: d7e21e7b6f28f9e3eb630658255fdc5b2209747e
* 39MB, sha1: 2840ea4bf26a829b56c838d3a9b69c1952a47ff1
* 38MB, sha1: b495b83d2279c966fbc94eca48b2570cc20f76b2
* 36MB, sha1: 974853b84f1095baa05fd1e13d6b09a255a0cbad
* 36MB, sha1: f99f406a6fe4cbb0d4d13332422b06f18b747b70
* 25MB, sha1: ad80369a17fdae52d5507bec60fedfcad2ff132c
* 8178 packages were skipped
* 25MB, sha1: b84155e015c136b42e481d45502dd5f3ae1ca921
* 25MB, sha1: bf1e83fde651b7e5b4babb10eafc4318afee3797
* 25MB, sha1: 89a75437823c0fbb79aa0df65e4b640bcdfcffe8
* 25MB, sha1: 33e9ce2d1d9dc2600c4aaa0ed870ea7c728a0cf2
* 25MB, sha1: 7fcd5566c55070c05adddb98851ff93fa1414378
* 25MB, sha1: 979850b072122cf08921187d2d6804a11a8d8cd4
* 25MB, sha1: be2d46c9657f5df5674a1522782f5628639d64a1
* 25MB, sha1: c9393f4a434b8a712b50d8df05cda0454f66f096
* 25MB, sha1: 63184305a77aac593d33d43218759aea286b4697
* 25MB, sha1: 6cfd807b38e26e25c071675688020547d4441792
* 25MB, sha1: 7a1d60e476bd7a134417a5f0f84167c2888a632a
* 25MB, sha1: 6d60f39e586f8ffdf2e458999850574158921138
* 25MB, sha1: 25a1c4ead51c8b24deed673df0108d443f7abf4e
* 25MB, sha1: a2eaca1200ffaeb38927b1bc656838a221d410e1
* 25MB, sha1: f1dca9192625daa81a8de3dd6ca59b95b4998005
* 25MB, sha1: 9c30b55580120d7849d0c8f16da375d431098545
* 25MB, sha1: af0b507a74589b7b6a1528a274c2cebc63598a0a
* 25MB, sha1: 0c0f88950c2cc2cb4420c68a075e4544df8567e6
* 25MB, sha1: e4ab06586866bd08ae00ee34bea63f9bba64f927
* 25MB, sha1: 37bd830f961057062e5be3acc6b3fe8bc4e54e7c
* 25MB, sha1: ad736767135a0473d3f706bb8f9f30e63dbfa6d3

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