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Server download packages and docker support

nivniv Member, Moderator, Developer Posts: 382
Hello folks,

find below the almost-official server packages as a simple, very small zip download.

It's a universal zip that contains all three platform server binaries (Windows, Linux x86, and macOS x86). To use, unzip it into a directory of your choosing (about 200MB), and run the binary in bin/platform. It will use the same userdirectory as your client (on linux, that's ~/.local/share/Neverwinter Nights/).

PWs should stick to STABLE, unless you know what you are doing. DEV ("Development" on Steam and BDC) and STABLE are incompatible and cannot connect with each other. Most players will have STABLE installed, but DEV might have fixes or features. Check the release notes.

* DEV 60MB, sha1: 584f924b190fe109056c743d38a1488fc2c9c684
* STABLE 50MB, sha1: aabb852907e5d2acb46836226592a58463aaabbf
* 50MB, sha1: a39cb8899e27841eb8bb3d0e13aaca2fdd47b9e6
* 50MB, sha1: cebf4ee1ea6aecc9bdcc444ef7457fd2ce7bc7b9
* 50MB, sha1: eec561f63d9e344d63e96763e485432a9c763264
* 50MB, sha1: 24c2514c23c513fd0e07979fd6e244ac6314e3d9
* 50MB, sha1: fffcdbb18579c93deac0e1ea60434f1a29ff9685
* 50MB, sha1: 862017d16d71cc3f72f72e6b6cd44686d354f736
* 50MB, sha1: 90affe1c8064965944f42990673c2fb3e7a10a7f
* 50MB, sha1: 2e74d5c8791aff29ffe9033c031980f9fe6b63af
* 50MB, sha1: 7be8303d8bfe4a2bd7680b16ddf2cf4e42f4bf3c
* 50MB, sha1: 575b65f1b2ce0a6b4dbf5c3d34080f74eb8adc9c
* 50MB, sha1: 68808daaf65879c55d9fa49cd7315c0722ad4617
* 43MB, sha1: e620390262528e44a2232400da959cbf9b63af71
* 40MB, sha1: 9eedbfe9f8ceb353589876d5b20e986a036b9aab
* 39MB, sha1: ad378c63f4700a4d3716425f9d96641609ad8c6d
* 39MB, sha1: 63d143f93feb1f7bc76a304ebfb5a819c43b96db
* 39MB, sha1: b2b413686b250ac9e670ba717766445ee9543d0e
* 39MB, sha1: d7e21e7b6f28f9e3eb630658255fdc5b2209747e
* 39MB, sha1: 2840ea4bf26a829b56c838d3a9b69c1952a47ff1
* 38MB, sha1: b495b83d2279c966fbc94eca48b2570cc20f76b2
* 36MB, sha1: 974853b84f1095baa05fd1e13d6b09a255a0cbad
* 36MB, sha1: f99f406a6fe4cbb0d4d13332422b06f18b747b70
* 25MB, sha1: ad80369a17fdae52d5507bec60fedfcad2ff132c
* 8178 packages were skipped
* 25MB, sha1: b84155e015c136b42e481d45502dd5f3ae1ca921
* 25MB, sha1: bf1e83fde651b7e5b4babb10eafc4318afee3797
* 25MB, sha1: 89a75437823c0fbb79aa0df65e4b640bcdfcffe8
* 25MB, sha1: 33e9ce2d1d9dc2600c4aaa0ed870ea7c728a0cf2
* 25MB, sha1: 7fcd5566c55070c05adddb98851ff93fa1414378
* 25MB, sha1: 979850b072122cf08921187d2d6804a11a8d8cd4
* 25MB, sha1: be2d46c9657f5df5674a1522782f5628639d64a1
* 25MB, sha1: c9393f4a434b8a712b50d8df05cda0454f66f096
* 25MB, sha1: 63184305a77aac593d33d43218759aea286b4697
* 25MB, sha1: 6cfd807b38e26e25c071675688020547d4441792
* 25MB, sha1: 7a1d60e476bd7a134417a5f0f84167c2888a632a
* 25MB, sha1: 6d60f39e586f8ffdf2e458999850574158921138
* 25MB, sha1: 25a1c4ead51c8b24deed673df0108d443f7abf4e
* 25MB, sha1: a2eaca1200ffaeb38927b1bc656838a221d410e1
* 25MB, sha1: f1dca9192625daa81a8de3dd6ca59b95b4998005
* 25MB, sha1: 9c30b55580120d7849d0c8f16da375d431098545
* 25MB, sha1: af0b507a74589b7b6a1528a274c2cebc63598a0a
* 25MB, sha1: 0c0f88950c2cc2cb4420c68a075e4544df8567e6
* 25MB, sha1: e4ab06586866bd08ae00ee34bea63f9bba64f927
* 25MB, sha1: 37bd830f961057062e5be3acc6b3fe8bc4e54e7c
* 25MB, sha1: ad736767135a0473d3f706bb8f9f30e63dbfa6d3


Alternatively, I've been preparing docker images[1], with which you can host the game on a Linux server. (If you don't know what docker is and don't want to go down that rabbit hole, you can stop reading here.)

Please note that:

* They are experimental.
* They have issues (i.e. the port mapping snafu that requires binding the port to the host). This will be fixed eventually.
* The image is about 200MB and contains a very shrunk-down dataset from the base game resources. Thus, something crucial might be missing for some use cases (though I don't think so).
* The docker images are for advanced users that like playing with such; people that want to run multiple servers in containers. (They have some advantages w.r.t. auto-restart, logging, etc. If you know it, you know it.)


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