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Hammervale Frontier (RP)

SnafulatorSnafulator Member Posts: 26
Hey guys,

With the renewed interest in NWN and hopefully a renaissance for the RP community, i've decided to launch my sleeper project Hammervale Frontier.

Much like the PW that inspired it (mystara - black horizons), the plot revolves around the struggles of a small but resilient town in a perilous land, and the bold (or foolish) adventurers who find themselves drawn to it's fate.

I like it when a PW has real consequences, and as such the xp losses for death are "noteworthy" and the module will be modified in reaction to in-game events (e.g. if the players fail to protect the town from a DM run attack they may find their favorite store razed to the ground).

If you're an ex-mystara player or if you have any questions: hit me up on the official NWN EE discord @

Website @

Thanks :)


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