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What is your best items route for bgee and bg2ee reload/no reload runs

MyragMyrag Member Posts: 282
edited November 2017 in Challenges and Playthroughs
For me in bgee
  • Candlekeep
  • Ring of protection +1 south of Friendly Amn Inn
  • Ring of wizardry.
  • Sneak to drizzt area and wait for him to die (free lewtz; I know lame
  • Carnival area, kill thief for potion of master thievery
  • Cloak of protection +1 west of Ulgoths beard in the house
  • Ulgoth beard steal Dushai's ring and draft kneecapper (helping killing those peksy flesh golems). Also bastard sword +1 here.
  • Beregost at night for another bastard sword +1
  • Pickpocket Algernon's cloak from beregost inn.
  • Nashkel for ankheg armor.
Note I ommited stuff that's nice but not really helpful at start like wand of summoning (few charges and no money to recharge so better save it), ring of fire res, scrolls etc. or things that require effort to kill. This is pretty much no kill route.

If you bother with easy kills go for
  • marianne husband ring of prot +1 for killing two ogrillons
  • south of Friendly Amn Inn Gridle of piercing from orge
  • Shoal for nice helmet
At this point I'm pretty beefy so I go anghekgs, shoal etc.

Did I miss anything that's particulary free but worthwhile?

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  • HarpagornisHarpagornis Member Posts: 1,496
    Pretty much the same i am doing over and over again despite i am also abusing the Basilisk-XP-Loop to reach max level in no time. After that i usually push reputation to 20 and buy things like Sandthief Ring, Greenstone Amulet and so on. Bassilus and/or Greywolf for weapon upgrade as well as Meilum for Gloves. Not to forget: Collecting the +AC girdles and fully charged Necklace of Missiles for Cloakwood. Have fun! ;)

  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 655
    Varscona and the Wand of Frost are free - well, take out Grey Wolf - in the Nashkel Mines area.

    There is also that +2 Dagger Heart of the Golem in the map with the Nashkel Mines exit given to you for doing, well nothing.

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