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Question about armor for custom races.

So back when i was making a kobold player race i ran into an interesting thing. So every race has it's own set of meshes for each bit of armor in the game. The main issue i had was that all of the armor pointed at the same exact texture file for each piece regardless of race and shape they always went for the default texture. The issue i had with that was that for armor with a bare chest, if you had a reptile you couldn't put scales on the skin as it would always load the default skin. I don't know if this was ever fixed as i've been away for a very long time, but would it be possible for you guys to let us specify the texture file for an armor piece, that way if i wanted to i could add scales to all of the stock armor for a new race and still have it work with the vanilla campaign? I would rather not create an entire side set of pieces when i would prefer him to be able to grab any armor and still show his non humanly bits hehe.

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