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Will I Need NWNX?

Waaaayyy back in the day I had to use NWNX with my PW to edit PC base stats such as strength/int for sub-races, and also for some persistence database storage via SQLite. I'm wondering if this will still be necessary given the "integration" Beamdog stated the EE toolkit would be getting.


  • BalanorBalanor Member Posts: 173
    edited December 2017
    It really remains to be seen. They are porting previously NWNX-only functions to the base game (GetFirstArea and GetNextArea are already in, for example), so while they haven't confirmed or done so yet, hopefully base stat editing functions will soon be included. Add your voice to the suggestions thread in the main forum if you want that to be non-NWNX dependent.

    As far as database storage, there really hasn't been any indication of what they plan. My very uneducated from-the-outside-looking-in guess is that you're probably going to need the EE version of NWNX if you want to use an external database system like SQLite.
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