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If you're interested in trying a new PW, come on down to The Lands of Acheron!

SalvanusSalvanus Member Posts: 43
Hey All!

I'm trying to slowly resurrect this PW I created and ran back in 2004/2005, very excited to see more updates by beamdog towards making the PW experience more streamlined for all.


LoA has been updated to use 2.62 (

The Lands of Acheron is a place for the most devoted roleplayers. There are many unique features and systems specifically tailored for true roleplaying. Some of them include system changes to resurrection, resting, spells, and grouping. The full list of features can be read about in the journal.

The Lands of Acheron is a setting located on a far away continent within the Forgotten Realms universe. The cities of Thanador and Mhordiem have been warring for centuries. Explore Acheron and discover all the ancient secrets hidden within. Some come in service of deities, be it good or evil, while some come in search of fame or fortune. Gain experience hunting throughout the land or take part in DM run quests that will be available regularly.

What really made LoA shine back in the day and I'm hoping will happen again is the community. The players were extremely devoted to their characters and roleplaying, and as they leveled up and became famous, they would get personalized quests to gain things such as armor, weapons, or housing.

Hope to see some of you around!

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