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Help deciding on theme group for next play...

I really like designing theme groups that have a strategic or RP theme they are based on to try and take certain ideas to their max. But I've got several in mind. For BG1 it wasn't a big deal running many different groups through and I can now run a group through BG1 in just a few days, but BG2 takes a while so I don't think I will be able to play all my ideas through. So I'm looking for help to decide what people think would be the most fun ones to try. All of these use the NPCs, no custom parties.

All Arcane:
PC: Gnome - Fighter/Illusionist
Aerie - Cleric/Mage
Jan - Thief/Mage
Nalia/Imoen - Thief/Mage

PC Would be the tank, everyone else would be ranged.

Righteous Anti-Arcane:
PC: Elf - Swashbuckler
Keldorn - Inquisitor
Jaheira - Fighter/Druid
Rasaad - Monk
Anomen - Fighter/Cleric
Mazzy - Fighter

I'd likely use Keldorn and Jaheira on the front line, with Anomen and Mazzy being ranged attackers, and Rasaad and my PC being 2nd line melee fighters, with my PC also being ranged sometimes. I'd probably go for Scimitars and Shortbows for the Swashbuckler, and add on Longswords later in the game.

I like the idea of this group but it's very melee heavy with some gear competition. I could also pull Jaheira back as a ranged fighter and give her Daggers. Anomen makes a good front liner, but so do many on this list. The good thing is, they can pretty much all melee if needed.

RP wise a Bounty Hunter would be a better thief, but I just don't want to go there.

Also, I'd have to dump Imoen after saving her...

Skald Power:
PC: Half-Elf - Skald
Minsc - Ranger
Jaheira - Fighter/Druid
Mazzy - Fighter
Yoshimo - Bounty Hunter / Imoen - Mage/Thief
Aerie - Cleric/Mage

Jaheira could be swapped for Keldorn, but I'd probably try it with Jaheira. With this Minsc would dual wield Maces, Flails and maybe Axes or Bastardswords. Would use Easthaven Defender in off-hand. Jaheira would dual wield Scimitars and Clubs, using Belm for SoA, maybe ditching it later. Mazzy would be Shortbows, and maybe transition to War Hammers for CF and Rune Hammer. Imoen would likely use Firetooth Dagger, with Aerie on sling as usual.

This setup would maximize APR to take advantage of the Skald bonuses. Skald weapons don't matter as I'd pretty much never use them. I may use Shortswords for effects. Skald would mostly be just casting, and singing. Also using Stoneskin and Fireshields while singing sometimes while tanking mobs.

So which of these do you think would make the best play through?


  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
    Kneecappers Ltd:

    Gnome Illusionist/Cleric

    Nobody over four foot six can be trusted.

    Treehuggers Inc.:

    Charname Half-Elf Cleric/Ranger

    Do they crap in the woods? Almost invariably. Liberal bees from Charname, Jaheira and Cernd are in order for most arcane encounters.

    Overkill Unltd:

    Charname Sorcerer

    The Drama Llamas:

    Charname Half-Elf Jester

    Yes, every romance triggered, including the Haer'dalis/Aerie one. Let the catfighting commence.


    Charname Elven F/M/T
    Anomen (fails test)/Aerie/Keldorn

    Charname is the best, and being the best, they expect their party to prove themselves by killing their counterpart. By the end of the game they will have end up with a full party of five, but which ones depends on who survives.

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