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Quest oriented party -IWD2

CvijetaCvijeta Member Posts: 308
I want to complete all quest and get all possible xp in game.
I need:
2)dreadmaster of bane
3)paladin/cleric of ilamater

I don't need special lines, just xp, with no cheating, no mods

I was thinking:
2)monk - do I need monk, is there monk related quest?
3)paladin of ilmater/sorcerer - how many levels of paladin do I need for holy avenger? Of course, this should be aasimar
4)rogue2/transmuter X, hafling a must, need small race for one passage
5)barbarian/fighter/dreadmaster of bane - neutral evil for bane class, I was thinking four or three or even five levels of bane, next to four levels of fighter - multiclassing penalty avoided? Or maybe barbY/fightX/baneX, where barbarian is highest class, while I advance in both bane and fighter equally. Taking half-orc as this character
6)druid - totally optional, though


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