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Player-side option to hide helmets/cloaks

I've mentioned this briefly in a couple of places, but I'd like to make this a formal feature request.

We currently have scripting functionality to hide specific helmets and cloaks (and other items), which is awesome. However, while modders and module-builders can access this functionality, players currently cannot. This is something of a weakness, because the aesthetic appropriateness of a helmet/cloak is often dependent on the rest of a character's ensemble (the same helmets tend to fit better with armor than with robes, for example). Given the high degree of customization available to the player in terms of armor appearances, and the extremely-concealing nature of all current NWN helmets, it seems reasonable that players should have to option to not display a helmet if they so choose. After all, players (with no modder/module-based input) can already make full plate armor look like a low-cut dress. Hiding a helmet seems in line with that level of customization.

The cloak argument is somewhat weaker. Cloaks aren't quite as concealing as helmets, they fit aesthetically with a wider range of other equipment, and we already have an ini option to turn them off entirely. But the functionality would still be appreciated, and I suspect the code required would be almost identical to the hide helmet code, since the existing script works equally for all item types.

I imagine these options could be implemented through the current crafting interface, or through an additional option on the right-click menu for the items in question, but these are just the suggestions of a non-expert, and should not be taken as integral to the overall request.

So, what does everyone else think of this? Good idea? Bad idea? Totally-irrelevant idea?



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