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Don't linger too much at Dragonspear basement or... (spoilers!)

Hey ya!

I just wanted to share a certain experience I've had recently while playing SoD , when you reach Dragonspear's basement coming from the underground caverns. I Arrived at the basement, killed some crusaders, spotted Hephernann and killed his acolytes. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Party members start complaining that we should leave immediatelly or we'll die. Nothing new about that either.I didn't really have much to do down there but ,wait, is that Daeros Dragonspear? Let's talk to him while Safana disarms the traps in Hephernnan's chests...

Turns out that my companions weren't lying , suddenly the floors is filled with crusaders and I can't really leave Hephernan's room without being attacked by a massive troop . I guess I'll have to go on offensive .


Fortunately I had a wand of summoning with 50 CHARGES ! While Dynaheir would keep using it to block the entrance I'd have my Blade, corwyn, minsc, viconia and safana shoot them with ranged weapons and eventually cast a spell or two.

Easy , right? Well, I was playing on hard mode (no additional damage, though) and those mages are smarter than you think. They kept hasting their elites and disabling my summons , and their clerics would often target me for their powerful spells!

"Why didn't you let the summons do the work while you keep your distance?"
Well, the summons were helpful but they didn't really damage my enemies, I HAD TO keep shooting them with arrows, daggers and sling bullets . It was a long, long battle that may have lasted for almost 30 minutes until I could finally make everyone invisible and head for the lift. Phew!

Unfortunately I didn't take any screenshots 'cause I was too busy surviving, but here's another one of my party during the negotiations. Merry christmas, y'all!



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