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Evil party makeup: Hexxat in ?

I am into my second go through of BG2EE, this time with a generally evil party. My avatar is a fighter/mage /thief, with Dorn, Kagorn, Jaheria, Edwin, and, right now, Viconia. I do not have a party member with a ranged specialty, except for Dorn and a crossbow.No bowman though Jaheria has a sling, as does Viconia and Edwin darts. My F/M/T dual wields katanas and swords (so far). I miss an archer who can shoot fire arrows and other enhanced arrows. I know from a previous good group that an archer is useful.
The question is: would Hexxat or Nalia be a good substitution for , say, Viconia? I am not sure how Hexxat plays out in heavy fighting as the game progresses.
Your opinions are valued.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,807
    i would substitute jaheira for hexxat, ( although i would wait until you get the ring of wizardry from jaheira's quest first ) and then use hexxat as a bow user, and then your whole team will be filled with evil chums and chumettes, so then you should have no alignment problems with your REP being low, when you start mixing teams with good alignments and evil alignments, then you have to start balancing your alignment around to keep everyone stable

    i had a play through with dorn, korgan, viconia, hexxat and edwin, and it was pretty good ( my character was a human berserker )

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 478
    Hexxat does OK with Tuigan, but i doubt you'll need her thief skills with a FMT spawn. Maybe take and break Anomen so he becomes CN or pick up Jan, not evil per se but more useful than a single class thief you can't dual class.

  • Yulaw9460Yulaw9460 Member Posts: 608
    Considering the available evil NPCs in the game, the Thief role seems to be handled best by the PC in some dual- or multiclass role IMO. Not as a singleclass NPC. And I'd never in a million years dump Dorn, Korgan, Jaheira, Edwin or Viconia for neither Hexxat nor Nalia.

  • gorris75gorris75 Member Posts: 60
    ok Hexxat did not seem to be a good repalcement...but maybe I will do her quest for the xp

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,051
    How about Haer Dalis for Jaheira?

    I have HD at the moment and he's doing well with a bow. Obviously not as good as an archer, but the short bows in BG2 are so good it's not much of an issue. Also there are the Dales Protector gauntlets for ranged weapons you can put on him which brings the THACO down.

  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 493
    yeah Hexxat can work but like haer as CN tiefling to an evil run and currently using him with Korgan, Dorn, Edwin and Hexxat/Jan

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