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Ravenloft - Prisoners of the Mist (NWN PW)

This PW looks very interesting:

Is anyone currently playing this?


  • OmnipsiOmnipsi Member Posts: 31
    edited December 2017
    Ravenloft is pretty popular, I'm not sure about their relation to NWN:EE rn though. You can see their current status along with many other NWN 1.69 servers that elect to list themselves on this server list, seen here:
  • ildaronildaron Member Posts: 52
    They even have their own client for installing for the non EE version.
  • FiastraFiastra Member Posts: 33
    Not bad at all! I would like to give it a try.
  • HunterRayder93HunterRayder93 Member Posts: 266
    That server suits me a lot ... only in general all the PW ... are quite complicated to access if you do not manually download trillions of Hacks packs and modd's ..
  • TazeraTazera Member Posts: 9
    This server is great, I have heard, they are planning to move to EE, but I don't know when. Givi it a try, great world and an amazing and fun community. Really heavy rping btw.
  • HunterRayder93HunterRayder93 Member Posts: 266
    Tazera said:

    This server is great, I have heard, they are planning to move to EE, but I don't know when. Givi it a try, great world and an amazing and fun community. Really heavy rping btw.

    Seriously?! but it's fantastic! I look forward to it when this happens. =D
  • DallianceHitherDallianceHither Member Posts: 8
    Pretty combat heavy these days. It has some clever scripts and systems, though. There's still some RP to be had there and it seems much less cliquey than it was years back.
  • BradgeBradge Member Posts: 24
    The server has migrated to NWN:EE and to kick off the move is hosting a new player weekend June 8th-17th
  • AzimnAzimn Member Posts: 24
    I know this post seems long and really I'm going to keep trying to play here but new players need to know high level characters will attack you on sight. Which is difficult for a server where all you do is chat around the starting zone.

    I'll warn you guys I'm having a really hard time getting back into this server, so much time has been put into the systems and mechanics of the server but I've made 4 characters and died so fast it's pretty ridiculous or at least not new player friendly. I know setting is supposed to be a Gothic horror one but getting ganked even if it's supposed to be RP, is still getting ganked. They should add a new player warning to only pick a human from Barovia and none of the amazingly cool sub races, immediately spend all your gold, and expect to both to die often and likely when you speak to the first player character you see. Oh and don't expect any NPC quests or to be able to fight any of the creatures.

    The truth is the setting is amazing the server has so many cool things that I'm sure some of the players get to take part in. I found a cool and really complex crafting system after running past all of the players and exploring the town before I died trying to kill a deer.

    I really think this server is great and with a more friendly way to entice new players as opposed to discouraging them they could be even more popular.
  • SorenSoren Member, Developer Posts: 48
    Hey Azimm, I'm sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience. Regarding the difficulty, our server is heavily oriented around group play, so particularly at low levels you shouldn't go into dangerous places alone or stay outside after dark.

    It certainly won't be everyone's cup of tea. But once that's said, if high levels attack you on sight, it's definitely something you should report to a DM, as no matter what race you pick, that sort of instant-attack behaviour is not acceptable.

    On the other hand, some subraces will trigger hostility, and even from NPCs. There should be clear warnings of that when you pick the race, but if not, please let us know.
  • AzimnAzimn Member Posts: 24
    Soren, thanks for responding I know I was definitely venting a little bit because this server was/is the one I was looking forward to the most playing now that I'm back to playing NWN. I had so much fun back in the day and even had the chance to create some custom content for it when I was first learning 3D modelling. It may seem like a small thing but the reply really helped and I'm going to keep trying to find a character/class combo that works.
  • SorenSoren Member, Developer Posts: 48
    Alright, glad to hear that!

    It might be a good idea to join our Discord server too for quick advice whenever you need it.

    Join it here:
  • dTddTd Member Posts: 182
    I just made new toon and played a couple hours, found some helpful people, died to some zombies, got a raise, it's all good from my experience so far. I would like to know where I can sell a fullplate for more than 1 gp though lol
  • Biolab00Biolab00 Member Posts: 4
    edited July 2022
    I've changed my view and hence removed most of the message in this post.
    I might not return but at least, their moderator did send me a PM to follow up hence, they're quite decent in fact.
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