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The Easting Reach: A NWN Persistent World

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Version: NWN 1.69 (EE pending)

The Easting Reach, a NWN persistent world set in Impiltur with an emphasis on quality roleplay, story and exploration. It distinguishes itself with stunning areas, clever dungeons and untraditional methods.

Like so many modules based in the Forgotten Realms, The Easting Reach offers countless opportunities for heroism, exploration and adventure, with a few well-known rules ruffled up and a good dash of immersion thrown in. As a low level, low magic, roleplay-oriented server, celebrated heroes may rise as high as 8th level after a long career. Along the way, they can learn new and altered skills, feats and magics to make them experts in their field.

With highly detailed, lovingly crafted areas, every journey is its own reward. From Dilpur to Arn's Cove, from shore to mountains, our builders work to drop your jaw. Sprinkled liberally through the countryside are nooks, caves and ruins begging your attention, often harbouring perils. Cleverly designed dungeons need teamwork, haste or quick thinking if you are to survive and claim its riches.

With scripting systems designed uniquely for this module and a range of custom content kindly provided by you, the NWN community, we hope to set new standards for you to enjoy, and to change some common misconceptions that low-level servers equal no fun. After all, what interesting tales could be told if every obstacle could be overcome with a single blow? As a philosopher once said, "It's about the journey, not the destination".

Some features:

- Highly detailed environments to help encourage roleplay immersion and which tell their own story.
- Changes to skills, feats, spells and classes.
- Custom spawning system with more intelligent monsters.
- Monsters don't grant XP but exploration and advancing through a dungeon does.
- No XP is lost on death, but death decreases XP gain and have the potential for reducing an attribute if you don't take care.
- Dead PCs can leave a body to be transported, revived or buried.
- A soft XP cap which automatically raise over time.
- Custom tailoring system.
- Coin-based system that replaces NWN's GP.
- Persistent storage.
- Writable items like books and scrolls.
- Ability to change names/descriptions of items.
- Both randomly generated and manually designed items (normal & magical)

What to Expect from TER:

Before you begin, this is what you should come to expect from the server with its emphasis on a low-level, low-magic version of Forgotten Realms with a focus that leans towards the storytelling aspect of roleplay.

You will not be a hero by default. For instance, you begin with a longsword and a shield, and it may well be that you will keep them till the end of your career. But stick with it and you will see places you have only dreamed of in your imagination and feel like a demigod in ascension. The path to success (or failure) in your character's story will be fraught with many trials and tribulations, sometimes requiring difficult choices with tough consequences, but at TER this is part of the story you will come to share and tell with fellow players.

While there is no shortage of dungeons to satisfy the bloodthirsty and the curious, it is -never- enforced upon our players. Some players prefer to explore; others prefer to engage in more social aspects of roleplay. TER encourages both groups, and offers a playground for a healthy combination of the two. It is up to you to use that opportunity.

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