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Best NPC Cleric Wis Score = 19 ?

Was checking around and saw that there are 3 Wisdom items / tomes available in BG 1 ?

Can they all be applied to either Yeslick or Branwen - giving them a final (non-temporary) max score of 19 ?


  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 377
    You can apply them to whomever you wish.

  • DonCzirrDonCzirr Member Posts: 74
    Thanks - and are those the only 3 items for Wisdom? Is there any way to get NPCs past 19 in BG 1 ?

  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 377
    edited January 1

    But Wisdom in itself isn't that important

    Let's assume you're playing a single class cleric in BG1 with 21 WIS Vs. an NPC with 19 (Branwen).

    The difference, in total is ~4 spell slots between a single class PC cleric with 21 WIS and an NPC singleclass cleric that has been boosted to 19.

    I should point out however, if your *sole* concern is spell slots, Faldorn (or a single class PC druid) will give you the highest number of spell slots as druids can attain 5th level casting slots in BG1 whereas clerics cannot due to the EXP cap (unless you've removed the cap, which in either case Druids will still get their 5th lvl slots sooner) and she can be boosted to 19 WIS.

    So, you'll have to have met Faldorn to attain 2 of the WIS tomes anyways (you could theoretically sneak the one in Durlags at your leisure, but I imagine it'd be pretty frustrating to do it before having met Faldorn anyhow).

    Also, funnily enough, Viconia (the go to evil Cleric) starts BG1 with 15 WIS, but she arrives in SOD and BG2 with 18 Wis, so apparently it's assumed she gets all three tomes ;)

  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,807
    IIRC: Faldorn also has 18 wisdom. So that also would give her up to 21 wisdom. but honestly, high wisdom and the associated slots is more important in BG2.

  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 377
    edited January 1
    Sadly Faldorn only has 16 Wisdom, you did get me REALLY excited though that perhaps they'd buffed her in EE, but no :( She's still one of the strongest available divine casters since she can get 5th level slots and is Neutral so she'll fit in just about any party unless you insist on maintaining a reputation of 1. Also druids get one of the best spells in the game at 5th level in insect plague.

    She can also summon a dread wolf once a day which is handy. Dread wolves you see, have a pretty interesting thing about them, in that they're immune to cold and magical cold, so if you can get her wolf to block a door you can have your mages safely use cone of cold and/or ice storm and Mr. Dread wolf will not mind a bit ;)

  • DonCzirrDonCzirr Member Posts: 74
    Nice information Gallenger - thanks.

    I picked up Faldorn on my current run after using Branwen initially.

    I used her up until I found Yeslick and then dropped her to experiment with him.

    He was ok - but I missed some of the extra spells so I went back to Branwen - setting her up as a - 4 AC secondary tank / healer, wielding Ashideena / Stupifier ...

    Your points about the Dread Wolf (cold immunity) and the Insect Plague however are very enticing.

    I'll look to pick up Faldorn early next game and get her maxed out and optimized ...

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