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Custom weapon - achievable?

Zendog7Zendog7 Member Posts: 29
Hey all.
I've an idea of a weapon I'd like to create, but can't wrap my head around whether it's worth attempting or not.
I'd like to make a sword that has x% chance to outright destroy it's target, but with varied effects based on what the target is. So for example, x% chance to: Turn ogres to stone, destroy undead, maim(slow/bleed) giants, trigger extra dmg vs humanoids, etc.
I have the basics of modding/creating a weapon down and have made several in the past with varying abilities etc, but this would be the most complex by far, and looking through NI at items with similar effects to the ones i've mentioned, the majority seem to use EFF files.. Is it likely to be as 'simple' as just copy/pasting the effects (including the eff file links) into the new weapon from the 'source weapons' (where the ability exists already) or is it harder than that (or even possible at all)?
Thanks in advance for any assistance =)


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