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How to explore an area "like a God"?

vleydanvleydan Member Posts: 3
Hello everybody!
I'm and old fan of the series, I'm trying to get my feet wet on the toolset in these days, but since there are so many great modules around I'd love to explore them freely, almost like in the editor, without any kind of restriction of movement or attack by the monsters, the purpose is to "screenprint" all the area and import everything in another program to play on it a D&D session, I'm not sure of the final result, but I really want to try!
Is there someone able to help me? apart from the console command (dm_debug and dm_god) is there something useful?

Thank you!


  • thirdmousethirdmouse Member Posts: 67
    If you log in as DM (vs using DM commands on a PC), you'll be ignored by everything and can jump anywhere walkable. I think at the moment you still need to make a shortcut of your executable and add a -dmc for that, though the intent is to at some point add the option to the BD Client + launcher.

    You might also be interested in the ~makepano command that was added, which takes a series of screenshots that can be stitched together (that's on your end, though) to make something like this, though obviously that's less useful on a table :P

  • vleydanvleydan Member Posts: 3
    edited January 2018
    Thank you my friend, right today I discovered the -dmc option but was totally unaware of the makepano, very useful for "cinematic" !

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