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For those who are Curious about Scripting

Borg_DealerOfDeathBorg_DealerOfDeath Member Posts: 79
If you are one of those players who is curious as to what "scripts" are and how they are written and what all is possible with writing in your own player scripts, then its within your grasp ...

You need to Google a Java file= jre-8u25-windows-x64 Or jre-8u25-windows-x32 --- depending on if your computer is a 32 bit or 64 bit. Download it into what ever file you want and then Install it. This Java add-on file allows Near Infiniity to read the games files. Install this before you attempt to install Near Infinity~!!!

Next, go to - download it and install it into the same file as yourBaldurs Gate II Enhanced Edition folder.
Near Infinity will allow you to view everything that makes the game can also use Near Infinity to write your own player scripts...CAUTION: To be SAFE - copy the NONE script file - Rename the Copy of NONE to NONE1 or whatever you care to name it...and script from your newly made COPY of NONE. That way, you wont mess up the game and end up having to uninstall and do a complete re-install. PS: You can "Copy" the other in-game scripts and then Paste them into your NONE1 file and rewrite from there. Once you have one that compiles, you can use it in-game on your character.

Not everyone cares what makes the game work and most would not "dare" to make their game "Non-Legit" but for those who are curious and or adventurous can do so. I played the game in 2000 and beat the game numerous times and then began "editing" and became one of only 10 members of an "Elite" editing group known back than as "The BORG Clan" on Gamespy.

If this posting should need to be placed somewhere else, I apologize..I rarely post on here and im 69 years old and I have never been accused of "reading the fine print" please excuse an old Vietnam veteran who loves to play RPG games.

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