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Creating a legendary hero: My custom portrait for BG1-2: EE and IWD: EE (ING - Version)

Hi everyone for a while I'm a frequent user of the BG forums, I'm always in the monitoring phase in the NWN: EE section ... but, I've also been interested in BG1-2: EE and IWD: EE, actually it was BG 2 my first close encounter with D & D but then at the end NWN to make me passionate about this universe and its set of rules.

This Christmas as many BG users will have done for those who did not yet have them I got BG1-2 (with SoD) and IWD, to play them, I had already played them 2 years ago on my own but they were not updated (me there had been a contact that at the time I knew through another game), what to say "Pure love" was that time.

But bothered by the few available Portaits are now looking for some way to personalize my profile picture, all brought me here to this forum and that's how I met BG and his EE project of infinity titles and more.

So back from New Year I embarked on a "search for Identity" in order to have a unique face in BG and IWD, and this was a success, a success that led me to give birth again in me a desire to use the my Bamboo Dock (a graphic tablet) to make digital drawings.

The route was long and tedious but I managed in my intent and I am satisfied ... but we start with order.

This is the starting drawing taken from a previous mine of mine of 2017, enlarged and then carried on the laptop.

The same I do the modified and then colored in different parts through Power Point and Fresh Paint, but the result was not what I hoped ... so I looked for an alternative ...

Through copy and paste of various elements taken from other photos that I had I started to modify the image thus building shadows and lights on the image, even if the design pleased me, I was not fully satisfied with the armor as it came out ...

... so later and always looking for different images on Google Crome and, I reconstructed for the 3rd time hair, armor, cape and face of the subject in the studio, it was not easy but I managed definitively to find a fair compromise.

After that I have further modified the unattractive parts and further cropped the image in the part that interested me, then I used a cropping image site ( and place a background for it having not installed photoshop on my laptop, I did however several tests before deciding what would be the final background, also asking for opinions of people I knew through Facebook and Steam ...

Variant 1

Variant 2

Variant 3

Variant 4 (Final version)

Finally, I chose this background on suggestions of various contacts, but before placing the image in the background again through Fresh Paint I further edited the image so that it does not out of place with the drawing, at the end place the image on a night sky turned out to be perhaps the best choice, in this way the face should be detached from the background making it more distinct.

What about I'm really satisfied ^^



  • HunterRayder93HunterRayder93 Member Posts: 265
    At the beginning when I played the first time in BG 2 it was a long time ago, I was new to this kind of games and I was very excited and young, maybe I was 13 years old and I went to school, I met the game through a magazine called "Games for my Compiuter", was a special one on RPGs and attached to it was BG2.

    I started playing like a Barbor half-timber, I had different tastes at the time, I had a very RPG RPG idea, I always imagined myself as a good champion and willing to help, but it all changed when I started to play a private Wow server was based on "Cataclism" from there I began to understand that my favorite class was not the paladin but the "Ranger".

    As for the name and the race, I think it is because of the film the lord of the rings when he released the first film of triology, in fact in D & D and many other games I always see myself often as an "elf" or "High elf" , but lately I feel a "Half-elf" or "Aasimar" at the moment, the blue hair and very tied to my favorite color that is the "blue" and its various shades, for the hairstyle and facial features and because I love very much the magna in itself even if I also love the western comic, for the most part I am also a huge fan of "Kindom Heart's" and it is from that perhaps the nature of my character to travel and embark on intrepid adventures.

    But the name (although perhaps not original, and what still represents me even if a little replaced by another name since I play "Lord of The Ring's Online".

    The first name and "Fenix" followed by "Windail or Windeil" that the surname, Fenix ​​perhaps and the most trivial name but I liked it from the beginning is hosempre tried to use it, Windail instead and the surname, a little taken from the name IceWindale but if I remember correctly a part was taken from a name of a city of "Saccred 2" that I do not remember at the moment but I'm sure the name I had taken from there.

    Let's say that Fenix ​​has become almost a nickname because now I call more "Asgahael" that as I previously said through "LOTRO" I started to use it, Let's say that it has the difference of Fenix, Asgahael and ascent by pure chance through the generator of names of LOTRO, when I saw that name I began to love so much I felt that it was for me.

    So officially he is:

    Asgahael (or Fenix Windail), Ranger Arcane Archer Adventurer from all over the Faerun, Born to Silvermoon from Human Mother Maga and Father Elf of the Moon Ranger, I had to escape for a big misunderstanding happened due to a disappearance of a very important artifact in my bound community to "Corellon Larethian", they had blamed my father but ... to save him from exile I sacrificed myself in my place ... so I started traveling and looking for luck ... not knowing where to go.

    We say this is a bit of my NWN BackGround that I used at the time the first few times I played, and was very well suited then in line with the beginning of the 'OC. In the phono I feel a bit of an adventurer, cheerful and carefree always looking for adventure and treasure.

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