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Thank you to everyone that helped us solve our connectivity issues!

Just a quick thank-you to folks in multiple threads who posted insights and tips to help my D&D crew get my old PW mod up and running! We're currently running the "circa CEP 2.0" mod as a quasi-persistent practice mod for newer players to learn the game before we go all-in to create our D&D homebrew world once NWN:EE crosses the 1.0 finish line, and we couldn't have done even that without some input we got from a few places on these forums! I'd invite you all over but we're a tight local-vault-and-password server, however your help is still appreciated!

As an aside, has anyone figured out how to make the local vault saving functionality overwrite character files instead of creating a gjilllion iterations of the same character? Is this something in an ini file that I'm missing?

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