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I found setup-cdtweaks, but...

ApostlyteApostlyte Member Posts: 2
I am having a hard time navigating through the myriads of changes it ends up imposing on my game. I can not figure out why all my rolled characters have 25 STR, negative plane protection and one other thing I am not recalling. Also, they all start off with just quarterstaffs. I like alot of what the program I am using does, but I also do not understand all the choices I am making.

About me. Back in a day when I did not have kids and a family, I would have ground this out like I did every other game of my youth. Quite frankly, I just do not have the time to figure it out and go through total player whipeout over and over, thus the modding. I am just trying to satisfy that role playing itch that still allows me to level up and equip a team to solve a story as presented without completely breaking it.

Any input the community would be appreciated!


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