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IWD 2 Remade in NWN

CerabelusCerabelus Member Posts: 353
edited January 2018 in Official Campaigns
According to the last stream the Icewind Dale 2 assets haven't been found and they seem to have given up on that so when they make new content for NWN i'd like to see a IWD 2 Campaign remade in NWN.

if where not gonna get IWD 2 EE we could ask for IWD 2 NWN Edition, if i recall IWD 2 used a 3.0 D&D rule set but not the same as NWN is that right?

Obviously some changes would need to be made to NWN like Party creation and inventory management, the spells in IWD 2 are different (Malavon's Rage and others) and shapeshifting for Druids has completely different options.

It wouldn't be easy but I'd pay money for that if Beamdog made it.

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