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IWD:EE character scripts? Are they working as intended?

I certainly hope they aren't because right now they are activating in mid-command and are overriding direct commands.

I order a char to attack a spider, he fires a couple arrows on it and next turn he switches targets on his own.
I order my group to retreat with a click, scripts takes control, stops my characters dead in tracks and orders them to attack, again. I mean what the eff? No other EE game's script is botched like this. Direct order should take precedence over any script, just like it does everywhere else.

Plus are there/will there be the default scripts from other EE games like BG2? Because the default scripts were pretty much perfect for the more mundane tasks. Mages casting stoneskin on themselves right after they got out of bed, casting a magic missile here and there, casting mirror image when seeing an enemy, clerics casting armor of faith at the beginning of combat, thieves automatically detecting traps outside of combat (here there's the thief controlled script which needs more micromanagement), etc.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,649
    this could be happening because some scripts have "recalculate" and "last attacked by" so this could be what's making it so your characters switch commands after you give them one, the "A" key on the keyboard toggles your party AI, so if you need to retreat you can turn the AI off by pressing "A" and then when you need to go back to combat press "A" again to turn the script back on

    and because the IWD scripts are pretty weak in my opinion i made my own, so then i can have mages cast stoneskin and mirror image on themselves and actually cast offensive spells without me telling them to

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