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Tsolak’s Trollblood Ioun Stone or his Boot-and-a-Half of Speed?

NervaNerva Member Posts: 133
I'm curious what choice most people make, and why?

I've read that the encounter has no bearing on the rest of the game, because the plotline it was supposed to be part of got cut. So I guess it just comes down to which item you'd rather get?



  • the_sexteinthe_sextein Member Posts: 711
    From a roleplaying perspective I think going for the boots is the better decision. On one hand you have a vampire hunter with an attitude who may also be a thief. On the other hand you have an undead monster that murders innocent people for food.

    That being said, I don't Kill Hexat on sight and sometimes even if you are playing the hero, if your alignment is neutral I could see you slipping in either direction. As to which item is better.... It depends if you like to hit and run or if you are playing solo. The Trollblood Ioun stone can come in very handy right when you need it.

    Personally I have played SOD 3 times with Neutral characters each time and I have chosen the Ion Stone twice and the boots once. I will probably go for the boots most of the time in the future though. I think the fight against the vampire is more fun.

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