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making new kits

mcdeathmcdeath Member Posts: 2
sooo... I don't have any experience making kits, and there are some really good ones out there, I was thinking if some of them could be "converted" into something of my own. I always wanted to play dual/multiclass that are currently ilegal. For instance:
-paladin (fighter kit)
Does anyone knows of an innate ability that could work as turn undead? there's a priest spell that comes very close but when you turn it into a innate ability the game crashes. Aditionaly, I'd like to know if paladin spells can be forced as "memorized" maybe trough a summoned creature that can handle your spellbook ( like wizard spellbook if your multi/dualing into priest and priestbook if you are going for wizard). Could this be doable? is there a chance to rol a paladin/cleric - paladin/mage - paladin/rouge?. kit-specific abilities (like cavalier) are allready avaible and would be simple to add ( for instance once you pick your base paladin fighter kit you get your true paladin kit trough a one time lv1 innate ability)
any way to match the exp table?

- ranger ( fighter kit)
same as before reggarding spells. I think rangers should have set traps ability at a lower paece. I tried to build a "limited invisibility" innate spells with a success rate based on your ranger lvl but again the game crashed. I used a "piece" of set traps so it couldn't be used while in presence of an enemy. Also want to add animal companion for druid and rangers, pretty much like a familiar but with a minor combat twist.
I think it would be cool if you could play something like ranger/thief - ranger/druid - ranger/mage without becoming OP.

I begun my work on a version of arcane trickster as following:
thief kit
hp hit dice 1-6
gains +1hp instead of +2hp after 10th lvl
15 skill points avaible per level
backstab begins at 3rd lvl and increases +1 for every 6 up to x4
armored arcana up to studded leather ( or 10% + 1% per lvl if using mods that add faliure based on armor)
wizard spell book progression (forced if impossible innate)/caster level 8/10 should end up TOSC with 4th circle and BG2 with 7th circle
spell casting time -3, improves by 1 every 10 levels ( begins at lv 6)
impoptu sneak at level 9 + one extra use every 8 levels
can use robes, wands and mage weapons (but not rings and amulets)
can't learn invocation and necromancy spells ( ilusion and enchantment focus)
1 spells less per day avaible per circle.
pilfer magic once a day at lvl 10, +use every 6 lvls. It'd be a eliminate magic that adds the caster +2luck +5%magic resistance +5% thief skills +1 saves. last 5 rounds.
Cant set traps, instead gains multiple selection magic trap: lv5 acid arrow, lv 9 glyph of warding, lv 13 skull trap, lv17 pw fear. Caster lv trickster/2.

HLA: doesn't get any new traps.
-use any item
-alchemy/ scribe scroll
-8th circle spells
-9th circle spells
-extra 6,7,8,9 spells
-silent casting ( vocalize)
-+1 backstab multiplier--> asesinate
-extra use of trap -> eliminate caster lv penalty

to sum up, it should be like a wiz/thief with better caster lvl lower thief progression, less spells per day, more circles than a bard. Could dual class into fighter/druid/cleric. Avaible for multiclassing gnomes, elfs and half elves.

suggestions very much appreciated!

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