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Has anyone tried...

lujolujo Member Posts: 236
edited January 28 in PST:EE Mods
1) Getting a new weapon profficiency in for Teeth, so that Morte can finally use teeth instead of fists? Fists are already "bastard sword profficiency", so wth

2) Defining new classess for the NPC's. Nordom is obviously a Ranger, Vhailor is obviously a Paladin (of Law rather than of Good) and is lacking his Mercykiller smite ability, Ignus seems to be a specialist Mage who isn't one and thus seems to lack an additional spell per level, and Dak'kon is supposed to be a Psion of some kind rather than a Fighter/Mage (although making him a different class would take a bit of thought about a few things). I'm not happy with how Morte getting fighter hit-dice makes him have waaay too many HP, either.



  • AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 878
    I looked into this a while ago and oh the things you find in ancient video game engines... The PST engine only has entries in class-related .2da files for: Mage, Fighter, Cleric, Thief, Bard, Paladin, Druid, Ranger, and all multiclass combinations.

    Paladins do in fact get access to the Priest spellbook as appropriate.

    Thief abilities appear to be hardcoded on a character by character basis... If you change Dak'kon's class to Thief (via NI), he doesn't gain the Thief abilities, and if you change Annah's class to Paladin, she doesn't lose her Thief abilities. This persists through both rests and reloads.

    Bards don't get thief ability access at all (due to absence of table entries). If you edit the relevant .2das and try to level up a Bard, you'll get an error where they have thief points to spend but can't actually spend them. (It will show as something like 80 unspent points, -55 pick pocket, and the arrows won't work). Bards also do not get the Pick Pocket score that is passively allocated via SKILLBRD.2da, but they will properly be given arcane spell slots as per MXSPLBRD.

    Sorcerers, while not provided entries in ANY of the class relevant .2das, do seem to be properly identified as arcane casters. If you add MXSPLSRC and SPLSRCKN, the game will have a impassable UI issue where you get stuck at what the game presents as a "spell selection menu". I'll investigate this more.

    The absence of kitlist.2da does not provide much hope for the state of kit implementation in the game either, but I'll try that out when I have a bit of free time...

  • AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 878
    edited March 14
    Been toying around with the engine some more and realized that, if you want to change character classes to better fit their lore, Dak'kon is the most Paladin style NPC you encounter in the game. He draws his spells from a religious text.

    The Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon:

    This small round stone is the "Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon." The Unbroken Circle is a *zerth* religious text, containing teachings of Zerthimon, the founder of the githzerai people. The Circle is made up of a series of interlocking circles that fold out from one another, depending on which branch the reader wishes to follow in the path of teachings... it is said that some *zerths* spend years poring over the combinations of the plates, looking for new significance in the teachings.

    Dak'kon seems to use the text as a means of focusing his spell casting abilities, for he pores over the tablet occasionally, memorizing the words.

    Preliminary experimentation suggests that changing Dak'kon to a Paladin might actually be doable. I think with some tweaks to Paladin progression (e.g. much much earlier spell access) and filling out the Priest spell book with the various Zerthimon spells (which are already just renamed Mage spells ), Dak'kon could actually work nicely in that role. There are a lot of mechanical issues that would then need to be resolved (e.g. who would be the Mage trainer companion, how would TNO benefit from the Circle of Zerthimon, how do you keep Grace from feeling redundant. etc.), but this idea is getting more appealing the more I investigate it.

    Okay having gone down this path some more: I don't think kits are supported at all in the PSTEE engine. I filled in the relevant 2das from SoD (namely kitlist and dualclas) and then tried adding a kit with a different name. No dice. Descriptions and behaviors do not apply to an NPC given the kit via NI. Was worth a shot.

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  • AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 878
    Having said all of that, there are literally no Paladins (at least in terms of assigned class) in PSTEE, so I guess you could use the entries for Paladin to give Dak'kon whatever you wanted, e.g. if you rename the Paladin "Zerth" then you could have his class appear as Zerth.

    Hilariously, Dak'kon's progression as a Paladin is slower than both of his progressions as a Fighter/Mage... gotta love 2E XP requirements.

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