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Question => General Ballpark of Number of Areas

Dreadlord_AnwynDreadlord_Anwyn Member Posts: 48
My PW module, The Time of Atlantis ( ) is now up to over 60 areas. I use efficient building practices: my areas are seldom larger than 12x12, and I dont make areas larger than 16x16. I plan scripting to be efficient. I am going to have a total of 4 creature treasure drop scripts and 4 placeable treasure drop scripts over the whole mod, regardless of the CR (yet with each area having its own treasure table by using an invisible placeable with unique contents in each zone). I made a two script set that handles all possible door needs. I try not to have extraneous scripts. I try to keep placeable decoration economical. Most of my scripting involves calling variables placed on related objects. I plan to implement cleanup scripts, and trash containers will be in all cities.

But I need to look at this like a budget. I have over 60 areas at this point, and am going to need probably a dozen more at the very least just for newbie zones/central cities and towns. I am not talking about areas like shops or whatnot, though I do plan to do that in the form of one insterior area for four different small interiors, each far from one another in corners of the area. I figure that'll save on space and they will be far enough away that characters talking locally will not be heard in other rooms.

I *do* use custom monsters, and as the CR increases, they will be made with more and more custom weapons. I use project Q critters. I am generally going to cache as many of the encounters as I can, as I dont really plan on standard critters at all unless they are non-combat NPCs. That is my one lagworthy vice. But I find that to be an absolutely necessary vice, not just to make encounters my way but also for the way I implement my treasure scripts.

The zones should truncate by level range. There will be less zones for levels 5-10, and less still for 10-15 and so on. But I need a ballpark as to what the max zone amount is, generally per server usage. Can anyone give me an estimate here? I am planning to rent a server on a monthly basis.


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