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Subrace stats

I can not understand if it's a small bug or if I'm doing something wrong. I used this feature on a character who rightly changed permanently appearance:
SetCreatureAppearanceType(oPC, APPEARANCE_TYPE_MINOTAUR);
The problem is that without doing anything special in the old module1.69, the character could use a large weapon along with the shield, but instead in 1.74 I do not wear them together.
I checked the lexicon and verified the following:
This will alter a creature's appearance. Unlike EffectPolymorph, most stats do not change with this command. Cirtain ones (creature size, default speed) do, if they are in the appearance.2da file. Will not change race. Also see known bugs.
I have never modified the appearance.2da file in my old module ... anyway, i opened file 2da and verified that the column SIZECATEGORY was correct at the minotaur line. I found the value 4. At this point i copied the file to the override folder on my server, i tried to make a new character and turn it into minotaur, but unfortunately i still can not make him wear a big sword and shield at the same time.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance for your answers

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