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Search / Detect Bug

JimbobslimbobJimbobslimbob Member Posts: 206
edited February 2018 in Technical Support
I mentioned this one briefly in the stream and thought I would post it up here as suggested. I had actually mentioned it before, here.


It boils down to "passive detect" (when searching for traps) currently using the players full search skill bonus (and a d20), when both the skill bonus and dice roll should be halved (d10). Only "active" search should use the full skill amount and a d20.

Passive (default) mode
Trap detection radius: 3.33 meters
Trap detection rate: 6 seconds (every round)
Trap detection roll: d20 + full skill (since at least version 1.68; probably a bug)
Spot/listen roll: d10 + half skill

Active (detect) mode
Trap detection radius: 6.66 meters
Trap detection rate: 3 seconds (twice per round)
Trap detection roll: d20 + full skill
Spot/listen roll: d20 + full skill

There are more details on the Wiki, here:

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