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I have been away for little while and this is why!

DKnightDKnight Member Posts: 307
edited February 2018 in Off-Topic
My name is Dave and I have taken a break from these forums to do some writing and I happened to have some fun. I uploaded some of the stories onto amazon kindle. They are usually 1 or 2 dollars except for the childrens book which is 40-60 pages.

I started out with a gothic action adventure about a thief i roleplayed as a character. His name is Lucien and hes a little crazy. I concluded it with a sequel about another couple characters. I then made a comedy series that was 30-40 pages while i was in college. It was something I did to relax from my major. Finally i had always wanted to write a military short story alternate history so I just finished that recently and its sold more in the 1st 2 weeks than the other stories. I also just uploaded The unpredictable which is a story i was inspired to write.

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