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bg1 android 2.5.10beta: no German voice overs (anymore?)

BelegCuthalionBelegCuthalion Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 451
edited February 2018 in The 2.5 Update Beta
So I just noticed that on the 2.5 beta of bg1 on android, there are no German voice overs, the always are english despite the language setting ... I'm not sure anymore there ever where in 1.3, or this is a regression?

Langue is set (and reset, and game restarted) to German, texts are showing in German, voices are english.

To check and compare:
BG1 1.3 on android, voices were ???
BG1 2.5 beta on android, voices are English (this is wrong)
BG1 2.5 beta on Windows, voice is German (as it was in 1.3, and should be)
BG2 2.5 beta on Android, voice is English (that's still to be expected until the german voices will be included)
IWD 2.5 beta on android, voice is German (good)
PST 3.? On android, voice is German (good)

Can anyone confirm it is/was German in 1.3 and now has fallen back to English?

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